How many animals have not degenerated?

Human beings have evolved from animals. Therefore, human beings and other animals (including wild animals) have roughly the same nature. The most instinctive thing in human beings is consistent with animal nature. Animal nature is natural and is based on instinct.

1. Appetite (eating, drinking, Lasa, etc.)

2. Spouse seeking (courtship and reproductive instinct)

3. Happiness, anger, sadness, fear and sleep are all natural instincts.

4. In fact, the blind and hierarchical nature of the community is also one side of the beast, but in human beings, because of the long-term influence of civilization, its complete normative and institutional nature has deeply rooted in the human nature.

5. Killing the weak and obeying the strong are also the most representative habits of beasts. Maned dogs are in groups and cruel. When they meet a male lion, their first reaction is to run away, even if the number of them is enough to tear the male lion to pieces. It’s innate and can never be changed. But for humans, this kind of beast habit will often appear.

Animal nature (animal instinct) can be good or bad! Even in ancient and modern times, many scholars call good instinct human nature and evil instinct beast nature.

All the daily behaviors of people, including eating and dressing, are due to the nature of survival. If people distribute food among a group of unrelated people with the same conditions (no weak people), no one will selflessly pick up things to feed others. The first consideration must be themselves. But family affection, motherhood and compassion are often reflected not only in human beings but also in wild animals. Even at home and abroad, many abandoned or lost babies have been raised by wild animals! The nature of laziness can be traced to human beings. With the development of modern civilization, some people do not need to work hard to survive, so the animal nature of laziness has been embodied! And greed is the ugliest human nature (animal nature). Even in modern people, it shows no less than the wild animals in nature. Greed is also the biggest beast habit that people need to ponder and restrain with human thinking! In fact, human beings can use wisdom to judge good and evil, which is also the most easily distinguishing feature between human beings and animals!

No matter the good animal nature (human nature) or the evil animal nature (animal nature), because human beings have more complex emotions and thinking, self cognition, reasoning, reflective ability, shame, pride and so on than wild animals. If human beings bring the good animal nature (human nature) into play, they can base themselves on today’s civilized society and make use of their own human advantages to develop the evil animal nature (animal nature) If it is used, it will inevitably become an obstacle to the continuous development of civilized society, that is, it is often said that animals are inferior to animals

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