How many creatures on earth are as big as dinosaurs?

As we all know, blue whale is the largest animal in the world. Of course, it exists in the ocean, so some people have raised the question: if the earth will be extinct again, the largest animal in the past 4.6 billion years, in a few hundred million years, will the advanced life at that time also be here to archaeologize the largest blue whale?

But why are there no animals as big as dinosaurs on land? In fact, in the world where human beings live, especially in Museum fossils, dinosaurs must be the most eye-catching, because dinosaurs are very large, and they are very beautiful. At that time, dinosaurs were able to dominate the earth, so people would pay special attention to it.

But in fact, this idea of human is not perfect. After all, there were chemicals such as cats, dogs and birds at that time, but the importance of these fossils seemed to be obscured by dinosaur fossils. So the most eye-catching thing in the museum is actually dinosaur fossils, so at this time, people who visit the cultural history will think, oh, all the animals in that era are really so big.

And back to the hundreds of millions of years just mentioned, the lives of those advanced civilizations may also be like the blue whale, the largest animal on the earth at this time, which we have excavated. If we look at it as a fossil, its skeleton and weight are not much smaller than those of dinosaurs.

1. The correct view is that animals are not getting smaller and smaller at all. It’s not that the animals that appeared before are too large, but because of the emergence of human beings, the survival of the fittest and the law of natural selection, some animals gradually disappeared. Of course, in the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs existed, there were 10 minute small animals in the biosphere.

2. There is also a paradox. If a cat dies and a dinosaur dies, which kind of fossil is easier to find? Very simple, it must be dinosaur fossils. After all, dinosaur bones are more than one circle larger than those of dogs and kittens.

3. At the same time, in the Cretaceous period, there was no ice and snow in the two levels, due to the oxygen. The higher the concentration is, the more stable the plants are in the tropical climate, which means that there will be more plants and food for reptiles, and the smaller the energy loss will be. Therefore, in the purification of dinosaurs, the larger intestines will absorb less than the smaller intestines, so large dinosaurs will be easier to survive. After all, it is the age of the jungle.

But I didn’t expect that during the mass extinction period, their huge bodies became one of the reasons for the acceleration of extinction. Therefore, there is another hypothesis that dinosaurs, which are relatively small, are now part of today’s birds.

3. Of course, in addition to this, there is also the knowledge of physics that can explain that the size of animals on the earth will not be infinitely large, because there is gravity to check and balance.

According to the scientific data, muscle strength is positively correlated with the cross section of muscle, and the mass is also positively correlated with the volume. Therefore, if the weight of these creatures is doubled, their strength should be increased by about 4 times, and their mass will be increased by the quadratic power of 2 – that is, 8 times. Therefore, if a creature wants to overcome gravity, its skeleton needs to be replaced As a result, the balance point between muscle and bone also weighs the size of the animal.

Therefore, to sum up, it’s just people’s illusion that dinosaurs are big. After all, people are very impressed with some huge creatures. Many large creatures on the earth died out because of the big bang. Finally, because the survival and activity of organisms need the support of the body, it is also restricted by muscles and gravity, so this is one of the factors that can be considered.

The blue whale just mentioned is an exception. After all, the blue whale lives in the ocean, and the sea has other buoyancy on it, so welfare can offset part of the earth’s gravity. However, due to the above other factors, it will not be infinite. It could be infinite.

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