How many human beings have existed on the earth in 70000 years? The numbers are not as many as you think

The earth is a life world rich in species, with millions of kinds of life. In addition to these lives, there are also intelligent human beings. And the birth of mankind is to upgrade the earth from an ordinary life planet to a civilized planet.

In the biological world, quantity is a very important reference factor to measure the strength of a race. Large groups of organisms, even if they are not at the top of the food chain, can survive in the cruel nature. Even if the individual strength stands at the top of the food chain, the species with a relatively small population may be extinct.

It can be seen that the number of groups is very important for the survival of life in nature. Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth, and they are the advanced life at the top of the food chain. Naturally, the number is also very large. Take the current global population, which has reached more than 7 billion.

This is a very large number. According to the research of scientists, the largest population on the earth can bear about 10 billion. If the earth’s population reaches 10 billion years, it is not a gospel but a disaster for human beings who have not yet gone to the starry sky. Now that the number of human beings is not far away from 10 billion, some people have opened their minds to ask this question: how many human beings have existed in the history of the earth?

For this question, maybe no one can give an accurate answer, but we can still get a fuzzy statistics from various angles. We all know that no life can escape the law of life and death of nature, and so can human beings. From the day of birth, anyone will inevitably face the fate of death in the future.

Of course, everyone’s death process is different, some people die of hunger, some people die of war, some people die of accidents. If we want to count how many people have existed in human history, we must first choose a time point. Maybe many people think that human beings were born millions of years ago, so our statistics will start millions of years ago.

But in fact, the ancestors of modern humans have nothing to do with humans millions of years ago. According to the research and exploration of scientists, modern humans originated from African Homo sapiens 70000 years ago. Therefore, our statistics on the number of people in human history did not start from millions of years ago, but from 70000 years ago, from the emergence of African Homo sapiens.

When Homo sapiens, the ancestor of modern human beings, lived in Africa, the population was very small. Even 10000 years ago, the global population was not far away from about 5 million. The reason why the population is very small is not that the speed of human reproduction in ancient times was slow, but that the survival of human beings was relatively difficult at that time.

We should know that nature has endowed mankind with infinite wisdom, but also deprived the human body of its powerful evolutionary ability. Therefore, compared with many animals in nature, human beings have no advantage in physical strength. Human survival depends entirely on wisdom, so human ancestors have to face many ecological problems, such as food shortage, various diseases caused by environmental changes and so on.

Therefore, although the reproduction speed of the ancients was much faster than that of today, the number of deaths was also very large. We should know that in ancient times thousands of years ago, the average life span of human beings was very short, maybe not even half of that of today. The real population explosion of mankind began after the industrial revolution.

The arrival of the industrial revolution has liberated people’s hands, but also brought many other changes, such as the sharp increase in food production, better and better medical conditions and technology, etc. especially after World War II, the world peace, science and technology also brought the big bang, more and more people get rid of hunger and disease, and people’s average life expectancy is also getting longer and longer.

Take China for example, before liberation, there was only 400 million people, but now it has grown to more than 1.4 billion. The population of India has also shown explosive growth in recent decades. How many people have there been in the history of seven trillion? According to incomplete statistics, there are about 100 billion. Many people may think that this is a huge number, but if this number is evenly distributed over the years of 70000 years, you will find that the number of people that existed each year is very small.

If it is based on the current population growth rate, then in another 70000 years, the number of human beings that existed may reach at least several trillion. So is that a huge number? For human beings in the era of the earth, the population of hundreds of billions is also an unimaginable number. We should know that the earth can only accommodate tens of billions of human beings.

It’s not that the earth can’t accommodate more people. The main reason is that there are not enough resources. If the population exceeds 10 billion, the earth’s resources may not be able to meet so many people. More importantly, when the population exceeds 10 billion, the ecological pollution and environmental problems will be more serious, which will aggravate the deterioration of the earth’s ecology.

Of course, this is from the perspective of the earth age, but if human beings become an interstellar civilization, the population of 10 billion, 100 billion or even trillions will not be able to meet the needs of human beings. Compared with the vast universe, the earth is just a grain of dust, and the universe has countless resources, countless living planets can meet the needs of human beings.

Take the small Milky Way galaxy, where stars are hundreds of billions of years old, the number of earth like planets may be more than one trillion. Even if only a few of these planets can meet the needs of human survival, that is a huge number. What’s more, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we will also have a strong ability to transform the environment. Even some planets that do not meet the living conditions of human beings can become habitable planets through some transformation.

In this way, there may be at least tens of thousands of planets in the galaxy that can meet the needs of human survival. Even if only 100 million people live on each planet, we need at least trillions of people to spread our feet all over the galaxy. The Milky way is also just a dust in the vast universe. There may be at least trillions of large galaxies like the Milky way in the whole universe.

It can be seen that once human beings become an interstellar civilization in the future, the population they need will be infinite. Even if a large number of newborns are born every day, they may not be able to catch up with the speed of human expansion in the universe. Of course, it may take a long time for human beings to have the ability to travel all over the universe, but with the development speed of human science and technology, we may have the ability to fly at sub light speed in hundreds of years.

At that time, humans can easily go out of the solar system and explore nearby galaxies. Once the speed of human spaceship is infinitely close to the speed of light, then the 100 light-years around the solar system will become the area where human can explore immigration. Even if we only find dozens of earth like planets within this range, it will be able to accommodate at least hundreds of billions of people.

From here, we can also see that with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the least valuable thing in the future is land. On the earth, land is very valuable. The house is very expensive, but in the interstellar age, the least valuable is the land. Now we buy and sell land according to the square, but in the future interstellar age, people may trade land according to the planet.

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