How many meters does the sea level rise at most? Which cities in China will disappear? The answer is not optimistic!

Global warming has become a fact, in such a situation, no country can escape such doom. According to the data of the Ministry of natural resources, China is also one of the countries affected by sea level rise. Now the sea level rise rate in China has reached 3.4 mm per year, which is enough to show that the temperature is still rising and the sea level is also accelerating.

Which cities in China will be affected?

It’s just that the number is too small for human beings to feel, but through the data, we have confirmed the fact of sea level rise. Many people have such questions. We often say that the sea level rises. What is the highest rising height of the sea level? According to the data of scientists, if all the glaciers on the earth melt completely, then the sea level rise will be far more than 61.1 meters, and it is likely to reach 66 meters. Some people may not have a concept of these two figures. We can take cities in China as an example. The altitude of Jinan, Changsha and Hangzhou is 51.6 meters, 44.9 meters and 41.7 meters, respectively. The average altitude of these cities is lower than 61.1 meters. Therefore, if the sea level continues to rise, these cities will be submerged in the ocean.

If the sea level rises 10 meters, China’s Pearl River Delta, Hebei and Jiangsu will be affected. When the sea level rises to 20 meters, Jiangsu has basically entered the ocean, and Anhui and Jiangxi will be gradually eroded by the sea. After the sea level rises 30 meters, the ocean has reached inland, and cities such as Guangdong, Hunan and Anhui will be affected. If the sea level continues to rise to 40 meters, most cities in Shandong and Hebei will be completely destroyed. Once the sea level rises to the highest 66 meters, a large area of China will be submerged, and even Japan and the Philippines will be affected.

Therefore, we can see that after the sea level continues to rise, many cities will be affected. If human beings continue to let this situation go, then more than half of the population in China will be homeless. Some people also put forward the view that with the improvement of science and technology, although we can’t stop the sea level rise, we can cope with it calmly. We can try to build underwater houses in the ocean. Although this idea was put forward several years ago, it has not been successfully implemented until now.

What are the hazards of sea level rise?

Of course, some people think that such a statement is just groundless. Even if all the glaciers in the world melt, there will still be places for human beings to survive. Take Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, for example. Even if the global glaciers melt, one Mount Everest can accommodate hundreds of millions of people. Therefore, human beings can find a higher habitat to survive. Even if the global sea level rises by 60 meters, China’s inland cities will not be greatly affected. Of course, this is a good thing for scientists. In fact, the disasters caused by sea-level rise are far more than that. The earth has existed for billions of years. We don’t know what materials are hidden under the thick glaciers.

With the rise of temperature, glaciers are slowly exposed in front of people’s eyes. The secrets buried under glaciers have gradually opened Pandora’s magic box. Many ancient creatures are still frozen in the permafrost of cold weather and snow. Some of these ancient creatures have lived for thousands of years, while others have lived for tens of thousands of years. Although these creatures seem to have no vital signs, they are still alive. If they enter the nature, it is likely to stimulate their activity and spread in the anti ecosystem again.

At that time, the dangerous situation faced by the earth is far more complex than it is now. The endless natural disasters and the ensuing unknown bacteria are a serious test for the future of the earth. Therefore, we should not worry about the problem of homelessness now, but fundamentally solve the problem of sea-level rise. Only by controlling the change of global temperature, can the earth’s environment change Only in this way can we maintain a state of balance and human civilization go further.

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