How many people are needed to colonize Mars? Researcher: as long as 110 people can be self-sufficient

The earth will be overused by human beings, the earth’s environment will be destroyed, and non renewable resources will be exploited in large quantities. If human beings want to continue civilization, they must think of countermeasures. And the great British physicist Stephen Hawking has been persuading mankind to leave the earth as soon as possible. So if we want to achieve interstellar migration and move away from the earth, where can we go?

At this time, the earth’s “neighbor” Mars became the hope of our interstellar migration. Mars is the closest planet to the earth that human beings have the ability to observe and set foot in. Moreover, the rotation period of Mars is very similar to that of earth. A day on Mars is 24 hours 39 minutes 35 seconds. If we emigrate to Mars, we don’t need to overcome the big problem of biological clock.

Moreover, Mars also has seasonal variations similar to that of the earth, because Mars has an inclined axis with an inclination of 25.19 ° to the orbital plane (the inclination of the earth is 23.44 °). Moreover, Mars is in an eccentric orbit, which means that its distance from the sun ranges from 206.7 million to 249.2 million kilometers. A change in distance leads to a significant change in temperature.

Mars also has an atmosphere, which can protect the surface of Mars, prevent space radiation, and prevent the impact of asteroids and meteorites.

Well, Mars is so suitable. If we can really take a spaceship to Mars, how many people will it take to build a new civilization on Mars?

According to foreign media reports, on June 19, researchers from Bordeaux Polytechnic said that it only takes 110 people to build a new civilization on Mars.

Professor Jean Marc of the Bordeaux Polytechnic said:

“What is the feasibility of living and self sustaining on another planet? This issue is very important for the future conquest of outer space and the whole mankind.

If we want to survive on Mars, the first condition is that we must live in an oxygen environment. In addition, agriculture and industry must be established. Before supplies run out, a minimum population is needed to help make tools and goods. “

Researchers have developed a mathematical model for the Martian environment, which can be used to determine the minimum number of settlers and the way of life to survive. It is based on the comparison between the time needed to achieve a variety of human activities to achieve long-term survival and the time available to the settlers.

The model has an important variable parameter, if an activity must be completed by multiple people, it will reduce everyone’s demand time.

In addition, some assumptions are made about the organization and engineering of the settlers. For example, whether the settlers can produce enough goods and tools before the existing supply runs out, and whether the earth can be self-sufficient after the supply is cut off.

The final minimum number of settlers is 110. This is produced under the condition of meeting the basic living environment of human beings, controlling agriculture and industry, and how to share and organize resources.

Remember Elon Musk, the founder of space X? He once said that their research team will speed up the research and development of starship spacecraft to send humans to the moon and Mars. Moreover, the spacecraft will be like an airliner, carrying 100 people at a time. If it can be implemented as planned in 2024, then the dream of colonizing Mars and establishing human civilization on Mars can be realized.

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