How many powerful nuclear bombs are needed to destroy the earth? You don’t think of the answer

Human beings are a very belligerent nation. From the day of the birth of human civilization, wars have always been with us. From ancient times to the present, wars of all sizes within human beings have never stopped. Even in the modern era of peace, there are still small-scale wars in some parts of the world.

War is naturally inseparable from war weapons. Before mankind entered the era of science and technology, it was basically the era of cold weapons. Although gunpowder was invented later, its power was also very small. Therefore, although ancient wars were very cruel, they did little damage to the ecological environment.

However, as mankind entered the era of science and technology, weapons became more and more powerful, especially in the late stage of World War II, the United States took the lead in developing nuclear weapons. At that time, people didn’t know what such weapons meant. Until August 6, 1845, there was a loud noise 550 meters above Hiroshima, Japan. An atomic bomb named “little boy” exploded, and the huge shock wave caused the explosion Everything within a circle of 500 meters suddenly disappeared, and the death toll reached more than 70000.

At this time, people can really see the terrible destructive power of the nuclear bomb. What is really terrible about the nuclear bomb is not the blast wave at that time, but the long-lasting nuclear radiation after the explosion. The area where it explodes will become a forbidden area for human beings within a hundred years. Nuclear radiation is the most terrible power of the nuclear bomb. “Little boy” is just a small nuclear bomb, in which the content of – 235 is only 60 kg. In its explosion, only about 1 kg of uranium – 235 had a nuclear reaction, but the amount of this kg is equivalent to the explosion power of 13000 kg of TNT. From this we can see how terrifying the power of nuclear missiles is.

Later, with the progress of science and technology, the power of nuclear bomb is also increasing. The Tsar bomb developed by the former Soviet Union has an explosive equivalent of 100 million tons of TNT. Even later, for some reasons, its power was cut by half, but the power of its explosion was 3800 times that of the “little boy” atomic bomb, covering a direct range of 55 kilometers. Even the United States, far away from the other side, felt the earthquake of magnitude 5-5.25.

The atomic bomb is not the most powerful nuclear bomb, and the power of hydrogen bomb with nuclear fusion mode is really powerful. The terrible power of nuclear bomb makes people turn pale, so some people put forward such a question: how many nuclear bombs are needed to destroy the earth? Many people may think who will blow up the earth, but nuclear war is a worry of many scientists about the fate of mankind in the future.

Einstein, a great scientist, once made a prediction: I don’t know what weapons human beings will use in the Third World War, but I know that in the fourth World War, human beings may use stone tools and wood. The power of the nuclear bomb is enough to cause devastating damage to the ecological environment. Can we really destroy the earth?

Some people may think that even if the power of the nuclear bomb is powerful, it is very small for the earth, and it is not enough to destroy the earth. Is this really the case? In fact, we all know a truth: if the quality is not enough, we can use the quantity to make up. No matter how powerful a nuclear bomb is, it is not enough to destroy the earth. But what about a large number of nuclear bombs? Maybe it’s hard to say.

It has been calculated that if we detonate 1.5 billion nuclear missiles on the earth with an explosive equivalent to the Czar bomb, then the earth’s atmosphere will disappear with the aftereffect of the explosion. If we detonate 5.1 billion nuclear missiles, then we can completely evaporate the water on the earth’s surface. But if we want to completely destroy the earth, we need at least 10 billion nuclear bombs.

Seeing this number, I believe many people are relieved that the earth’s resources have not been able to build so many nuclear bombs, so naturally, there is no need to worry that the earth will be torn apart by nuclear bombs one day. Of course, the number of nuclear bombs needed to blow up the earth is a huge number beyond our imagination, but not many nuclear bombs are needed to destroy the life and human beings on the earth.

The real destructive power of a nuclear bomb is its nuclear radiation. If the earth is full of nuclear radiation, it will be difficult for life and human beings to survive. To achieve this goal, we don’t need a lot of nuclear bombs. With the current nuclear stockpile of mankind, life on earth can be wiped out several times. Therefore, some scientists are very worried about the future of mankind. Once a world war breaks out again, a nuclear war may break out later.

Some people may think that the power of nuclear bomb is terrible, but with the progress of human science and technology, nuclear bomb may be eliminated in the near future, and more powerful weapons will appear, such as space-based weapons, laser weapons, etc. I believe many people know that 66 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of about 10 kilometers hit the earth, causing the extinction of dinosaurs. The explosive equivalent of this meteorite is 95 trillion tons of TNT, which is 190 trillion times that of Tsar missiles.

The reason why asteroid impact is so powerful is that its high-speed motion gives it powerful energy. According to Einstein’s mass energy equation and theory of relativity, when the speed of an object increases, its mass and energy also increase. If the speed of an object is infinitely close to the speed of light, it can obtain infinitely powerful energy. If such energy hits any object, it can be destroyed instantly.

So inspired by this, the concept of space-based weapons came into being. In fact, it is to install some tungsten rods on a space satellite, which have a large mass, and then give it an initial speed to quickly hit the ground, which is similar to the impact of an asteroid. Although the mass of the tungsten rod is far less than that of the asteroid, because of its density and material, it will not burn and consume mass. At the same time, its high-speed movement can obtain powerful energy. Once it hits the ground, its power is no less than that of the nuclear bomb, sometimes far more than that of the nuclear bomb, and it will not have any nuclear pollution.

Laser weapon is the main weapon for space exploration in the future. How powerful it is is is immeasurable. We can see from science fiction that it is very easy for a powerful laser weapon to destroy a planet. On top of laser weapons, there are more powerful weapons, which is mainly related to the energy that human beings master. If human beings master antimatter, there will be antimatter weapons. If they master dark matter, there will be dark matter weapons.

The power of these weapons is so easy to destroy a planet, not even a galaxy. From this, we can see how terrible technology is. It can bring great benefits and welfare to human beings, and at the same time, it can make everything we have come to nothing. Compared with these weapons, the power of nuclear bomb is very weak, and it is also a weapon that human beings will probably eliminate in the future.

Once mankind enters the space age, nuclear weapons are no longer useful. The real interstellar civilization does not need to use such backward weapons. The most basic ones are space-based kinetic energy weapons and laser weapons. Many people may think that these are far away from us, but in fact, the development of space-based kinetic energy weapons and laser weapons is very fast, and I believe it will not be long before they become a reality.

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