How many space stations are there in space? Will the Chinese space station be the only space station in 2024?

You often hear astronauts perform missions on the space station. Do you know what a space station is? How many space stations are there in the world?

First, let’s introduce the space station. The space station is also known as the space station or space station. It is a kind of long-time operation in the orbit with low altitude from the ground, generally in the near circular orbit below 2000 km.

A manned spacecraft that allows astronauts to cruise and work and live for a long time. Because the space station does not have the ability to return to the earth, so the space station must have complete equipment for human life.

First appeared in 1869 by the most respected American magazine “Atlantic Monthly” in an article about “the moon made of bricks”.

Later, with the Soviet scientist Konstantin tsiolkovsky and German scientist Herman obot’s assumption of the space station, the appearance of the space station became more and more clear.

The former Soviet Union lost the space race because the Apollo 11 spacecraft of the United States took the lead in landing on the moon, so it turned to the construction of the space station later.

As we all know, the establishment of a space station is not just for exploring space. More importantly, whoever conquers space first has the right to speak. Space station can directly reflect a country’s scientific and technological level and comprehensive national strength.

So the first space station made by the former Soviet Union, salute 1, was launched on April 19, 1971. Unfortunately, about six months later, it fell into orbit and was burned in the atmosphere.

And sadly, when the three astronauts returned to earth in the Soyuz spacecraft on “salute 1”, the balance valve on the return module was abnormal, resulting in the sacrifice of all the astronauts.

After that, American scientists conducted more careful research and experiments on the space station, hoping to get rid of disposable rockets and manned spacecraft and build permanent space station and other equipment after landing on the moon.

So Skylab was launched in 1973. It has received three astronauts in total, conducted more than 270 research experiments, and took 180000 pictures of solar activity, more than 40000 ground photos, etc.

It entered the atmosphere on July 11, 1979 and was burned.

On February 17, 1976, the former Soviet Union’s “Mir space station” was built. It is the first space station Research Center for human beings to live for a long time.

It is one of the world’s famous space stations. Astronauts from many countries, including the United States, have visited the station. The station served for mankind until 2001.

After that, the international space station was built in 1998. After more than ten years of efforts, it was finally born in 2010.

It is the largest, longest, and most national space international cooperation project in history.

Currently, it is jointly operated by the national space agency of Japan, NASA of Canada and the national space research and development agency of Russia.

Next, we will introduce the “Tiangong space station”, which we are proud of. Tiangong space is still under planning. Its construction time is expected to be from 2020 to 2025, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation around 2022. We’ll see soon.

And the international space station is expected to retire in 2024, so China’s Tiangong space station will become the only space station in orbit after 2024.

You know, the space station is a very expensive thing. Xiaobian takes “International Space Station” as an example. Its annual maintenance cost is as high as 3.4 billion US dollars, and even if the launch and development costs are not included, it will cost 230 billion RMB a year. Its existence can be said to stop the loss and make no profit.

Therefore, it is difficult for other countries to be as independent as China in the later period. At the beginning, the more in-depth research on space exploration, the more right to speak in the future.

Do you have any ideas about the space station? Welcome to comment area.

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