How many wars happened in the solar system 500 million years ago? Another possibility is higher!

The universe we saw 500 million years ago may not be what it was!

As early as 300 years ago, people thousands of miles apart could only place their feelings in letters. Time has changed. Since entering modern times, people at both ends of the earth can communicate with each other without delay. These are all advances brought about by science and technology. Once, we could only walk or ride a bicycle anywhere. Now, with the emergence of various means of transportation, it is convenient for us to live. We can reach anywhere in an instant.

The development of science and technology has not only changed the way of human life, but also expanded the scope of exploration. Heaven and earth is no longer a distant dream, even the vast stars can be touched by human beings. The universe is a mysterious field. After hundreds of years of human observation, we still know nothing about it. Human beings are creatures with strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The secret hidden in the deep universe seems to have an invisible power to attract human beings. The universe we saw 500 million years ago may not be what it was!

Are there any other planets in the solar system?

We all know that in the process of infinite expansion of the universe, its expansion speed can not even catch up with the speed of light. Scientists mainly focus on black holes and the origin of the universe. Only by starting from these entrances can we reveal the mystery of the universe. Although the idea is good, it has been beaten in the face by reality, and some incomprehensible problems have emerged one after another. There are many gaseous planets in the solar system. Under certain circumstances, they will be disturbed. Many scientists doubt that there are hidden planets in the solar system?

For example, after the theory was first put forward, many people didn’t believe it, or even thought it didn’t exist at all. With the development of science and technology, all kinds of evidences show that it is real, and human beings gradually wake up. There are more mysteries in the universe than we have ever eaten. Not only that, the direction of scientists looking for extraterrestrial life has also changed greatly, because we can often see reports of habitable planets. Scientists go to research in order to find a second home for human beings.

Is there extraterrestrial life in the universe?

In this atmosphere, the topic of extraterrestrials is only increasing. More and more people believe that extraterrestrials exist in the universe. However, is this really the case? There are many necessary conditions for a planet to breed life. Take Titan and Ganymede for example. They are able to give birth to life because they contain a lot of water and have a thick atmosphere. The most important thing is that the data sent back by the probe shows that they seem to have some kind of building and man-made objects. Although it is not directly sure that they have ever had life, the evidence points directly to them and it is possible that there is life.

We don’t know the original appearance of the universe at all. Maybe it has changed dramatically before it becomes what it is today. Just like people who have never seen the sea never know its true appearance, we can only have a kind of longing for the universe, and the answer may not be correct, because there is no lack of things that subvert human cognition in the universe, such as dark matter, wormholes and so on If we want to find them, maybe we can uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe. Since we can’t change the universe, we can only change ourselves. From another angle, what do you know about the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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