How many years can man live on the earth? It’s silly that scientists give an estimate of the time!

How many years can man live on the earth? It’s silly that scientists give an estimate of the time!

The time of human survival on the earth is neither long nor short, but it is insignificant compared with the real age of the earth. In fact, everyone should be grateful to the earth. If the earth had not given birth to so many lives and provided extremely suitable environment, sufficient sunshine, rich resources and so on, maybe human beings would not have been what they are today. All these are given by the earth.

Human beings claim to be the master of the earth. Unfortunately, excessive exploitation of resources, littering and so on will inevitably cause damage to the earth. Seeing the originally blue planet shrouded in gray, scientists are not happy. It is understood that the earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. In this long period of time, it has gone through five mass extinctions. Fortunately, mankind has finally become the master. Many people have been wondering how long the earth can provide human habitation? How many years can man live on the earth? It’s silly that scientists give an estimate of the time!

Scientists have also carried out a comprehensive study on this problem, and finally got an answer. All things in the world have an end, and death is the final outcome, which is also the rule of existence stipulated by nature. Through research, experts have found that the sun is the biggest factor affecting the life of the earth. The sun is a huge fireball, which provides light and heat. Many small stars revolve around the sun, even the earth.

Some experts have found that the sun is getting bigger and bigger, just like it is about to explode, and it is constantly emitting heat. With the development of this trend, one day the earth will be swallowed up by the sun. Without the earth, human beings will no longer exist, and the earth will fall into endless darkness. Without the moisture of the sun, all creatures on the earth will die, and even the environment will become more beautiful It’s extremely cold, so it’s the sun that affects the life of the earth.

In addition, it is also related to human activities. Excessive deforestation and emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere make the earth’s environment worse. Human behavior is directly related to the survival of the earth. Perhaps when the sixth mass extinction comes, it is the time for human extinction. According to the precise calculation, the earth will be swallowed up by the sun in about 1-1.6 billion years, and human beings will be homeless. It is still unknown where human beings will go. Although this time is very far away from human beings, it is time for human beings to wake up.

Originally, the earth is a planet without life restriction, but due to the activities of the sun, human behavior has been limited, which is very sad. The earth is the only home for human beings, which is well known to all. If human beings only do some harm to the earth for their own interests, it will be too late to regret at that time. When you see the remaining life of the earth, what do you think What do you think? You can leave a message for interaction.

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