How many years will mount qomolangma move to Changchun? On the one hand, Mount Qomolangma grows high, on the other hand, it “goes on the road”

The earth is the most beautiful and bright planet in all the galaxy. It emits blue starlight. The earth is the most unique. It is the only planet that can give birth to life. From the early stage of its formation to the present, the earth has been nearly 4.6 billion years, and human beings live leisurely on the earth. Through the continuous evolution of the earth, breeding life, gradually formed what it is now. In recent years, with the continuous rotation of the earth, some topographical changes have taken place. For example, Mount Qomolangma, which enjoys the reputation of “the world’s first peak”, looks static on the surface. In fact, it changes every year: its horizontal movement and height are constantly changing. So in what direction will mount qomolangma move horizontally?

The picture shows Mount Everest

“Plate Tectonics” gave birth to the top of the world – Mount Everest

In Tibetan areas, “Mount Qomolangma” means “mother of the earth”. The latest exploration data show that the height of Mount Qomolangma has reached 8844.4 meters. In terms of geology, according to the different stratigraphic development, metamorphic degree and structural deformation, Mount Qomolangma can be divided into two East-West structural belts, South and North. 500 million years ago, the whole Himalayan area was a vast ocean The collision between the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate in the North led to the violent crustal tectonic movement, which was gradually uplifted by the compression of the geological active plates, and gave birth to the world’s Top Mount Qomolangma in the huge arc mountain system stretching for more than 3000 kilometers. The whole geological fault is mainly composed of limestone and mudstone, and the mountain of Mount Everest stands towering in the sky in a huge pyramid shape.

As the world’s highest peak, the geographical environment of Mt. Everest is different from other peaks. You should know that the higher the altitude of a mountain, the lower its temperature will be. Mt. Everest is no exception. Its temperature is similar to that of the north and south poles. Moreover, the snow on Mt. Everest does not melt all the year round, and there are often strong winds of magnitude 7 or 8, which is the scene of Mt. Everest It’s snowy. In the film climber, the feeling of Mt. Everest is that people are very afraid. The bad weather is changeable, and the air at the top of Mt. Everest is thin. This kind of environment makes it impossible for human beings to survive. Every year, many adventurers and mountaineers go to conquer Mount Everest, but every year, many people will be buried in Mount Everest. It’s amazing that Mount Everest can preserve human remains for a long time, and the corpses will not decay. Why on earth? The living conditions of microorganisms need to be in a relatively suitable temperature. When the temperature is warm, microorganisms will decompose rapidly. On the contrary, the lower the temperature is, the slower the rate of biodegradation will be. For those who died in Mount Qomolangma, because the environment is very cold, microorganisms are not easy to decompose, so the body preservation time is relatively long.

The picture is still of climber

Is the height of Mount Everest growing infinitely?

At the beginning of the article, I have mentioned to you:

In recent years, the height of Mount Everest has been growing continuously

. Some netizens can’t help asking: “is the height of Mount Everest growing continuously and unlimited?” No, there is a limit to the growth of this height. According to the prediction of relevant geological experts, the limit height of Mount Everest is no more than 20000 meters. Why?

From the perspective of mountain base, the gravity bearing capacity of Mount Qomolangma’s mountain base is limited. If the height of Mount Qomolangma keeps increasing infinitely, the mountain base will not be able to bear such a large weight, leading to the collapse of the mountain. For example: a taxi with a driver can carry five people. If we have to take eight people, it will lead to overload of the taxi, which is very dangerous to safety. So when the height of Mount Everest reaches a certain level, it will not continue to grow. In addition, the surface and interior are constantly changing. With the passage of time, the power of plate movement will gradually weaken. At this time, the height of Mount Everest will not continue to grow.

The picture shows the Himalayas

Why does Everest move secretly?

From Mount Qomolangma to the whole Tibetan Plateau, it is formed by the collision and extrusion of the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate. This kind of extrusion does not stop at one time, but has been going on all the time, because the position of Mount Qomolangma is constantly changing due to the continuous extrusion. Relevant experts predict that at present, the annual speed of Everest is 4.2cm, and the direction of movement is toward the northeast, which is facing Changchun.

1. Energy push

The earth’s north and south magnetic poles are changing. All this is due to the earth’s energy being promoted and replaced. Because of the change of magnetic poles, Mount Qomolangma will move. Gradually, it is also a need to adapt to the energy. The promotion of this kind of energy not only promotes the forward moving speed of Mount Qomolangma, but also changes its shape and appearance. However, all these changes can’t be detected by naked eyes.

The picture shows the imagination of geomagnetic field

2. Geodynamic plate motion

Plate motion is a geological term, which refers to the relative motion of one plate to another on the surface of the earth. The six plates on the earth are six plates: Eurasian plate, Indian Ocean plate, African plate, Pacific plate, American plate and Antarctic plate. As the Indian Ocean plate and Eurasian plate extrusion has never stopped, so the location of Mount Everest has been affected.

3. Global warming and melting of Plateau glaciers

Global warming can be said to be a commonplace topic. By analyzing satellite data, researchers found that both the Everest on the Eurasian continent and the Alps in Europe are melting glaciers to varying degrees. Some scientists speculate that the location change of Mt. Qomolangma is also affected by the climate. Compared with that before, most areas of Sichuan Province experienced regional heavy rainfall and local torrential rain. Large scale heavy rainfall caused the whole mountain in Sichuan to move and collapse, and the change of the location of Mount Everest will have something to do with the climate. Of course, this is only a guess of scientists, and there is no conclusive evidence to show it at present.

The picture shows melting polar glaciers

The final location of Mount Everest changes to determine the city Changchun

1. The whole moving position does go through Changchun

Some netizens can’t help asking: “why is the final location of Mt. Everest moving Changchun instead of other cities?” Between the two points, the straight-line distance is the shortest, taking Everest as the starting point and Changchun as the ending point, the distance between the two is the shortest. This distance is also the direction of plate movement. From the direction of plate compression force, the location of Mt. Qomolangma will definitely pass through Changchun.

In fact, in addition to Changchun, Everest will pass through other areas, but the popularity of these areas is not as high as Changchun. For example, it will pass through a village not far from Changchun. Of course, scientists can’t name it after this village. According to the change in the direction of the location of Mount Everest, the scientists predicted that Changchun would be chosen as the direction. If Jilin or other cities near Changchun were chosen, there would be errors. Therefore, the scientists declared that Everest moved 4.2 cm to northeast Changchun every year.

2. How many years will mount qomolangma “migrate” to Changchun

According to the data, during the ten years from 2005 to 2015, Mount Qomolangma moved to the northeast at a speed of about 4 cm per year. During the ten years, the displacement of Mount Qomolangma was about 40 cm. Some netizens said that according to this speed, Mount Qomolangma appeared in Changchun after 91259523.8, but it was not the highest peak in the world at that time. We don’t know But Changchun is not necessarily Changchun now.

The picture shows the migration direction of Mount Everest

Is it a good thing or a bad thing for us that the position of Mount Everest has changed?

1. Land area affected

If the location of Mt. Qomolangma changes, it will affect China’s land area. Although we don’t know whether the land area will shrink at present, considering the characteristics of Mt. Qomolangma, coupled with global warming and glacier melting, we are bound to face artificial island building. For example, the South China Sea is rich in reef resources, including more than 200 islands, reefs, and beaches. Meiji Island, Zhubi Island, and Yongshu island are the three largest artificial islands in the South China Sea, which are all more than Yongxing Island, the seat of Sansha municipal government. These three islands have also built large airports, wharves, and other important facilities. If the location of Mount Everest changes, there will be many problems in China’s land area For this reason, artificial island building is an inevitable trend in the future.

2. Borders are likely to change

Mount Everest, the main peak of the Himalayas on the border between China and Nepal. The northern slope and the southern slope belong to two different countries, and the summit of Mount Everest seems to be the land boundary of the two countries. In 1960, the boundary treaty between the people’s Republic of China and the kingdom of Nepal was concluded. The northern slope of Mt. Everest belongs to China, and the southern slope of Mt. Everest belongs to Nepal. In this way, we can take care of the feelings of the two peoples and always maintain peace and friendship on the border between the two countries. If the location of Mt. Everest changes, then the border line will also change. We don’t know how China and Nepal will re divide the border line at that time.

The picture shows the border between China and Nepal

Everest is the sacred roof of the world. No matter what changes have taken place in its position in the future, at present, adventurers come to explore every year. People eat, drink and make colorful garbage here. You should know that the location of Everest is very special, and the environment and climate are changeable. It is very difficult for the staff to clean up these pollutants While enjoying the reputation of the world’s highest peak, it also enjoys the reputation of the world’s highest garbage dump. The sparsely populated pure holy land is gone forever. I hope that human beings can protect the ecological environment of Mount Everest. If one takes away the garbage, it will also make the world a success!

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