How much gasoline and diesel can be refined from 1000 kg of oil? Let the experts tell you the answer

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The earth is the home for human survival and a beautiful planet of life. At the same time, the earth is also a planet rich in resources. It is with the assistance of a large number of resources that human beings can develop so fast. Without resources, it is difficult for human science and technology to progress, and it is also difficult for human civilization to quickly go out of the earth and start the exploration of the universe.

There are many kinds of resources on the earth. In addition to many metal resources, there is also a kind of liquid resource, which plays an important role in the development of science and technology of human civilization. This kind of resource is oil. We may all know that oil, cars and diesel are refined from oil, but few people know what the refining rate of oil is? How much gasoline and diesel can be refined from 1000 kg of oil? Now let the experts tell us the answer.

If we want to ask people, what is the most important resource that human beings explore and discover after entering the era of science and technology? I believe many people will answer that it is oil. Yes, although oil was discovered hundreds of years ago, people at that time could not extract or use this smelly liquid substance at all. Their value was far less than that of coal discovered by the ancients, because coal can be directly used.

Only when mankind entered the era of science and technology, scientists began to study and explore the use of oil, and found that it is a very important and powerful energy. When mankind mastered the oil refining technology, oil also ushered in its great development. Until now, oil can be said to be the most important energy in the process of human development. Many industries and fields of human civilization need oil. Without oil, the development of science and technology will be in great difficulties.

As soon as oil is extracted from the ground or sea floor, it is crude oil, which is a very smelly liquid black substance. People need to go through various refinements to make use of it. How much gasoline and diesel can be refined from a ton of crude oil? In fact, the refining process of crude oil is also limited by many conditions, such as refining technology, refining equipment, environment and region, different quality of crude oil, etc. will affect the final refining results.

Under normal circumstances, the refining rate of crude oil is about 40%, of which 10% is gasoline and 30% is diesel. If there are more advanced equipment, the remaining residue can be further catalytic cracking, can also be secondary refining, can also get about 35% of gasoline, about 30% of diesel and about 15% of LPG.

According to the statistics of this proportion, 1000 kg of crude oil can produce about 0.31 kg of gasoline and 0.48 kg of diesel. Of course, this is the general crude oil, because the quality of crude oil in different regions will be very different. If it is higher quality crude oil, the refining rate of automobile and diesel will be higher. We can also see that the amount of cars and diesel oil refined from petroleum is relatively large.

And oil can be said to be a treasure all over the body. Maybe many people only know that it can extract cars and diesel oil. But in fact, in the process of petroleum refining, a variety of by-products will be produced, such as gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, lubricating oil, asphalt, plastic, fiber, etc. in addition to these, such as naphtha, liquefied gas, benzene, toluene, xylene, petroleum coke, sulfur, heavy oil, paraffin, etc., are also by-products of petroleum.

From this, we can see how important a kind of resource oil is, and the value it can produce is far beyond our imagination. After reading these, I believe many friends also understand why some powerful countries would rather wage war than rob other small countries of their oil resources. Because oil is not only a resource that can generate huge economic benefits, but also an energy that can promote the rapid development of science and technology.

Without oil resources, a lot of science and technology can only be utopian and can not develop forward in practice. It can be said that with the current level of human scientific and technological development, oil is an important decisive resource. Who controls oil is equal to controlling the important foundation of human development.

Of course, the extensive use of oil brings not only the important development of human beings, but also a huge side effect, that is, the deterioration of the ecological environment. The reason why the global temperature is rising is due to the rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the important source of carbon dioxide is brought by industrial production, and the most used energy in industrial production is oil.

The technology products we drive now, such as automobiles and airplanes, are basically driven by petroleum energy. Petroleum is not a kind of environmental protection energy. On the contrary, it is highly polluting. So now the earth’s ecological environment will continue to deteriorate, but the development of human science and technology is still inseparable from oil, so we can not stop the use of oil to protect the environment, only in other ways to reduce the pollution rate of oil.

However, we also know that oil is a non renewable resource. There are two opinions about its formation. One is that oil is generated by carbon in the earth’s crust and has nothing to do with biology. Another theory holds that oil is the dead bodies of ancient marine or lake creatures deposited on the bottom of the sea. The ocean contains a lot of salt, so biological fat and protein can not be degraded immediately. Under strong pressure, fat and protein are gradually liquefied into oil.

No matter what is the reason for the formation of oil, but its non renewable nature is no doubt. Even if oil can be regenerated, it will take a long time. It may be millions of years or hundreds of millions of years. Therefore, human beings will inevitably face the problem of oil depletion in the future, not only oil, but also other earth resources.

Therefore, in the future, the real place for human resources exploitation is in space. Only the vast universe can have infinite resources, which can meet the rapid and continuous development of human beings. Of course, it’s not easy to exploit and utilize the resources of the universe. It needs the development of science and technology to a higher level. With the current science and technology of human beings, space mining can’t be achieved. Perhaps only when human beings achieve controllable nuclear fusion will the real era of space mining come.

However, it is still unknown whether the earth’s resources will be able to support that time. It depends on whether human science and technology can develop fast enough. Therefore, human beings are now in a race between science and technology and resources. If the development of science and technology exceeds the consumption of resources, human beings will be able to achieve a major breakthrough in science and technology and enter the era of space mining before the earth’s resources are exhausted.

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