How much impact will the rise of global temperature have? Scientists name three “hazards”!

How much impact will the rise of global temperature have? Scientists name three “hazards”!

In recent years, earth shaking changes have taken place in the earth’s environment, and everyone has deep feelings. Many golden fields have been built into tall buildings. With the development of science and technology, human beings gradually enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology, but lose some pure things, such as air. Nowadays, the polluted air from factories and automobile exhaust all cause air pollution, and human beings can no longer absorb fresh air. In addition, human beings cut down forests and trees indiscriminately, which makes the trees on the earth become less and less and has the ability to purify the air It’s getting weaker. When people breathe, they need to emit a lot of carbon dioxide. Billions of people in the world have made the earth’s environment miserable.

Impact of global warming

Since 2020, a lot of things have happened that human beings can’t afford. Among them, the north and south poles suffer the most. Due to global warming, the environment in the north and south poles is getting worse and worse. Once it was a place where few people came and the temperature was low all the year round. Now the rising temperature and melting of many glaciers lead to the inundation of coastal areas, and the rising sea level endangers the safety of many residents. However, the ultimate victims are human beings, but all these things are different It is closely related to human behavior. Scientists have summed up several major problems. If human beings are not alert, their future will be in dire straits. How much impact will the rise of global temperature have? Scientists name three “hazards”!

Three disasters facing mankind

The first is sea level rise. According to the survey, almost every year there are signs of sea level rise, which inundates many coastal areas, such as Japan and the Netherlands. Although they are small in area, they also live with countless residents. If all of them are swallowed by the sea, the world will change, and many people will lose their precious lives.

Secondly, the continuous rise of temperature is unbearable. Everyone likes a mild climate. When summer comes, people prefer to stay in air-conditioned rooms, but not everyone’s living conditions allow this. People in some poor areas are suffering from high temperature. If they are destroyed by high temperature for a long time, human beings will enter a state of dehydration, and their bodies can’t get enough water, which directly affects their health. It’s very terrible.

Finally, there is the shortage of water resources. The earth is made up of seven parts of the ocean and three parts of the land, of which the ocean accounts for the majority. According to the truth, the water on the earth will not be exhausted. After all, the water in the ocean can be directly drunk through filtration and refining. Nowadays, with the rising global temperature, the water resources in tropical areas are increasingly short. People in many areas have to struggle with water every day, and no one wants to see them die of thirst The end of the story.

In the final analysis, all these disasters have a great relationship with human behavior. In such a situation, no one can escape the responsibility. We can’t change all these in an instant. We can only start from our own living habits. Everyone contributes to the earth, so that the greenhouse effect can be slowed down. If you still want to survive on the earth, then take action. What’s your opinion on the major problems analyzed by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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