How much is Mona Lisa’s smile worth? It was estimated at $3.45 billion in 1920!

Mona Lisa is the work of Leonardo da Vinci, a famous painter in Italian Renaissance. This classic painting enjoys a very high reputation all over the world and is the most popular research object of artists and historians. Many people wonder how much the Mona Lisa’s smile is worth. It’s priceless. It was valued at $3.45 billion in 1920.

Mona Lisa’s smile is priceless

When talking about the painter Da Vinci, many people will think of his top ten weird paintings. His paintings are very classic and famous, but many of them are controversial. For example, the painting “Mona Lisa” has been speculated, and many people even associate it with aliens. What’s more, many people are very curious about the value of Mona Lisa’s smile.

It is said that in 1913, an Italian stole the Mona Lisa from France on the grounds that Da Vinci was Italian and thought the painting should belong to Italy. After stealing the painting back to Italy, the thief asked for tens of millions of dollars of hard work. After the buyer and the merchant inspected the goods, they found that the painting was genuine, so they called the police and arrested the thief.

However, out of his patriotism and with the support of the Italian people, the thief was not punished too much and was released after a few days in prison. After several negotiations, Italy returned the painting to France. After getting the painting again, France immediately announced that “Mona Lisa” is a national treasure, and its value is immeasurable.

It is said that at that time, Italy and France officially appraised the painting, which is worth 3.45 billion US dollars. That is to say, if Italy did not return the painting at that time, France would have needed $3.45 billion for that painting. Now, after so many years, the value of this painting will only be higher. Many of it can be worth more than 10 billion yuan, and few of the world’s top rich can afford it.

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