How much is the earth worth? Scientists tell you that you can’t measure it with money

There are many rich people on the earth. This asset is tens of billions of dollars, and that is hundreds of billions. How much is it worth for human beings to look at a thing? It is measured by its value, but I don’t know if we have ever thought about how much the value of such a beautiful planet of life, with rich resources and beautiful scenery, is? If you want to buy the earth, how much do you need to pay? Let’s roughly calculate the value of the earth.

The earth is a planet with liquid water and 71% surface coverage, so the value of water is naturally high. Roughly according to the average water price of 3 yuan / m3 in most parts of China, the value of global water resources is about 50 trillion US dollars.

The earth has a lot of metal resources, such as gold, steel, rare earth, etc. the gold resources found on the earth are about 193000 tons, worth 8 trillion US dollars. The aluminum content that can be used for making rockets accounts for 8% of the crust. According to the average market price, the value is about 10 trillion US dollars. The gold and aluminum alone have reached 18 trillion US dollars! Highly enriched uranium is probably the most expensive material on the earth. It is the core resource for making nuclear weapons. The price of a kilogram ranges from US $3 million to US $36 million. Scientists estimate that the global content of enriched uranium is about 1400 tons, so the value of uranium is as high as us $46 trillion.

Oil and coal resources are also very important to human beings. Although we don’t know how much kerosene resources are left on the earth, according to the discovered oil resources, the value is 1.09 million US dollars, coal is 710000 US dollars, and the value of both is about 180 trillion US dollars, which is more expensive than the price of water resources. In addition, there are some gems, diamonds, diamonds and other resources, which add up to at least 10 trillion.

In addition to the surface resources, there may be an iron core in the earth’s interior, which has a higher value. According to the preliminary estimate, it is about 48 US dollars (equivalent to 4.8 billion, followed by 12 zeros).

If you add up the above resources and want to buy the whole earth, I’m afraid the money of all the countries on the earth may not be enough. Of course, the earth is the precious home of mankind, it is priceless, its value can not be measured by money, we should cherish and protect.

The value of the earth is measured by our current concept, but if we put our vision into the universe, the value of the earth may be very small. There may be many green life planets like the earth in the universe. According to the observation of human science and technology, there are more than one trillion planets found in the universe. There are many similar planets, which are larger than the earth and have more water resources than the earth. Other mineral resources may be more abundant, and there may be many higher-level unknown minerals.

The earth is just a grain of dust in the universe. In the future, when the earth’s science and technology develop to be able to carry out interstellar navigation, you may not be able to see the earth with so many planets in the Milky way. At that time, maybe human beings will migrate to the new earth, and the present earth may just be a small village of human beings. This is the difference in vision and cognition. We look forward to the day when human beings will walk all over the galaxy.

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