How much science is there in the popular science fiction “three bodies”? They put forward three bugs. What do you think?

Recently, a piece of news has exploded on the Internet, that is, Netfix will remake “three bodies”, a novel that has gained a large number of fans, and finally moved to the big screen. Now Liu Cixin’s “three body” has become one of the most influential works in Chinese science fiction, which has been loved by a large number of science fiction fans long ago. If you like it, there will be disputes. Although this novel is very popular, many people still think that there are many bugs in it.

In this novel, the universe we see is very grand. Liu Cixin once depicted such a picture: scientists have detected the three body galaxy by using the Hubble telescope. After projecting the picture of the three body Galaxy onto the large screen, the protagonist in the book sees the majestic vastness of the three body fleet crossing the galaxy. Many people are impressed by Liu Cixin’s imagination when they read this scene. They are all looking forward to the final outcome, but they didn’t expect that the final outcome is very dark, and the universe is gone. Human beings are also very vulnerable in the face of the universe, but in fact, when we carefully reread this novel, we will find that some of its descriptions seem to be different from science.

Hongan base

Can you see it

South Gate 2

Some people think that the red bank base in the three bodies has a prototype in reality. If we look at it according to the description in the novel, we can’t see Nanmen 2 in this base. The base is located at 7010 base in Xuanhua, Hebei Province. It was built in 1960 and abandoned in 1993. It’s true that South Gate 2 can’t be seen in this base, and it can’t send a signal to it. In fact, the use of the novel is the reflection of the sun’s energy. Human beings directly entered the second level civilization. After the solar energy was amplified and entered the universe, the three body civilization detected this signal.

Dark forest


Some people think that the dark forest is the biggest bug in the novel, while others think that it is this theory that makes the novel’s current status. In fact, this theory was not first put forward by Liu Cixin. In 1970, scientists came to a similar conclusion.

A scientist named Drake once sent a signal to M13 nebula, which is 22000 light-years away from the earth. This signal not only contains human’s knowledge of science, but also exposes the position of the earth. This behavior caused great controversy at that time. Scientists thought that exposing the earth’s position rashly would bring us danger. Therefore, some people think that in the face of higher intelligent life, human beings are still vulnerable.

Three body civilization

Does it exist?

But some people think that the biggest bug of this novel is the initial three body civilization. As we all know, the conditions for the birth of advanced civilization must be a stable and appropriate environment, while the trisomy system is extremely unstable. They regard the earth as their next home and expel human beings. Therefore, they believe that the trisomy civilization does not exist at all. What do you think?

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