How much urine is in the bath pool? You won’t believe it!

It’s always nice to have a warm sun in summer. Many people will bring their relatives and friends to play together. The most common thing is to go to the water park, swimming pool or take a bath together. Although I always discuss with my friends jokingly whether there is anyone peeing secretly in the pool, there has never been any scientific detection. However, researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada conducted an “interesting” experiment, and the test results surprised many researchers. So is the water in the natatorium dry or not, and how much urine is there?

Researchers at the University of Alberta have found a way to test the amount of urine in swimming pools. They have started to investigate and test 31 swimming pools in Canada. The researchers’ method is to test the amount of urine by the “sweetness” of the water in swimming pools. There will be residual sweeteners in human urine. This is because the foods we eat generally contain sweeteners. These foods are digested and decomposed in the human body, and then excreted from the urine. Researchers from the University of Alberta started the test from this aspect.

In this list of 31 swimming pools, whether public or private small swimming pools, there is a certain amount of urine in them, and more than one. The results of this study show that the urine content in the smallest swimming pool is 30 liters, and the most terrible thing is that about 75 liters of urine was detected in a super large swimming pool with a capacity of 830000 liters! In this swimming pool, the urine content is about 0.01%. So what’s 0.01%? We usually use cooking oil, the volume of a drop is about 0.05 ml, and 0.01% is equivalent to a drop of oil into a bottle of 500 ml mineral water. Although the researchers did not publish a list of swimming pools tested, they also published that this is not an exception, because almost every public swimming pool has an average of 60 liters of urine!

But the researchers did not stop after testing the swimming pool, and turned around to test the public baths in the same way. What’s more shocking is that the concentration of urine in the bath is more than three times that in the swimming pool! This has to make people worry about whether it will cause harm to people’s health, but it seems to be a very difficult problem to solve, because even the top swimming pool, and the perfect disinfection measures can not avoid this kind of thing. And according to news reports, even Michael Phelps, a well-known Olympic gold medalist, admitted that he had put urine in a swimming pool. Canadian researchers said that one in five swimmers had admitted that they had put urine in a swimming pool at least once.

Finally, we suggest that if conditions and time permit, we try to go swimming in the morning or in the morning, and the water quality is usually clean in the morning. After swimming, you should also wash with water immediately to keep your skin clean.

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