How mysterious are the outer eight gates? Have you ever been in direct or indirect contact with them?

As early as the day before yesterday’s article, Xiaobian has already introduced waibaxing to you. Xiaobian’s enthusiasm for reading posts has gradually increased, so today I want to continue the day before yesterday’s article and introduce “waibamen” to you.

Waibamen is similar to waibaxing, both of which belong to Pianmen. However, waibamen has more water depth and connotation than waibaxing, including qianlanhua, the mechanism of stealing poisonous insects, shentiaohongshousuo Mingmen. Here is a brief introduction.

1. Steal the door

The biggest thief!

The robbers can be divided into four groups, and the robbers can be divided into more groups. The grandfathers also have their own differences. The only thing they refer to is Kong kong’er in the Tang Dynasty, which unified the various forces of the robbers and made the robbers the largest of the eight outer groups. However, after the Ming Dynasty, the robbers came back again It is divided into two forces, the north and the south.

2. Gu men

Gu gate is the most terrible!

Gu is the king of poison, not only poison, but also terror and torture. There are thirteen kinds of witchcraft, namely, Jue Gu, snake Gu, Jincan Gu, miepian Gu, Shitou Gu, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, zhongweishen, chanxu Gu, Zhonggu, diangu, yinshe Gu, shengshe Gu and Sanshi Gu. Xiaobian’s post yesterday is “the secret love of Miao women from generation to generation”. If you are not careful, you will be killed! „ÄčI have made a detailed introduction.

3. Organ gate

Mechanism door is the most amazing!

The mechanism traps in ancient tombs, the ancient muliu cattle and horses, Zhuge crossbows and so on all belong to the works of mechanism gate. Organ skill is the representative of ancient Chinese science and technology civilization, which can be seen in production, life, military and even all the needs. The use of mechanical power, clever control of things, and achieve magical results. In ancient times, it was called Yanshi.

4. Qianmen

Qianmen is the most mysterious!

It is said that Qianmen was the founder of Bagua, which was created by Fuxi. The original purpose is for the world to tide over difficulties, but unexpectedly, it is used by people with bad intentions and becomes a deceptive means. The word “Qian” here refers to the means of intrigue and intrigue in the evolution of another thousand schools. Walking the mountain belongs to another thousand schools.

5. Orchid gate

Orchid gate is the most charming!

Orchid gate, also known as prostitute, is one of the eight outer lines. Since ancient times, although it has been suppressed, it is still flourishing. In ancient times, geisha included geisha and prostitutes, but now geisha are in the right direction.

6. Shendiao gate

Shendiao gate is the most weird!

For example, “dancing God”, the male called wizard, the female called witch, singing strange songs, dancing strange dance, in order to guide the “God” upper body. Although there are some unscientific points and few people believe in them, there are still many difficult and miscellaneous diseases that can not be cured by hospitals. Finally, these “masters” will be invited to treat them. The magic is that they can really be cured. Ancient is the “golden point” of fortune telling, that is, there are many divine tunes.

7. Red handkerchief

The dream of red handkerchief!

In the TV play River God, the Huang family belongs to the red handkerchief of the eight outer doors, which is famous for magic. Generally speaking, it is the traditional Chinese magic, including some tricks or illusions, which is very different from the Western magic.

8. Life seeking gate

The bloodiest of the sorcery!

The word “seek life” is easy to understand. It’s a professional killer from ancient times to the present. But in the past, there was still a big difference compared with now. In the early days, the representative of the life seeking sect, Jing Ke, was called a killer because he didn’t seek wealth. But later, the life seeking sect became a murderer because he wanted to buy murderers.

Do you have direct or indirect contact with one of them?

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