How mysterious is Einstein? Burn the manuscript before you die, so no one can understand the secret

Einstein was a genius scientist. His theories were all ahead of time, which people could not understand at that time. When the theory of relativity came out, there were not many people in the world who really understood it. But the gravitational wave Einstein predicted was discovered a hundred years later. I don’t know how his magical brain peeps into this “secret”.

Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany. Both his parents were Jewish, so Einstein had pure Jewish blood. Jews have a smart mind, and Einstein inherited this smart gene very well, even beyond the imagination of ordinary people!

He was almost self-taught at school, so Einstein was a conscious man! In 1900, he graduated from the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich, Switzerland. Five years later, he received a doctor’s degree in physics. He proposed the photon hypothesis and successfully explained the photoelectric effect. Therefore, he won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921!

Perhaps Einstein’s greatest achievement in his life is not to explain the photoelectric effect, but to put forward the theory of Relativity about the concepts of space-time and gravity, and to predict the existence of gravitational waves in general relativity. Although he can’t prove the existence of gravitational waves himself, he has proved the existence of gravitational waves in the efforts of later generations.

Every time his inspiration and discovery are carefully recorded by himself. Therefore, Einstein’s manuscripts are precious to the world today. But Einstein knows that his limit will completely destroy these manuscripts. What is he hiding? Is there any unknown secret in the manuscript?

Scientists have made the corresponding speculation, most people still think that Einstein’s move is “protection”! Einstein’s theory of relativity proposed the concept of time and space. If there are records about time and space in the manuscript, how can we enter time and space? However, the method of recording is too dangerous. In order to protect the manuscript, we have to destroy it. At the same time, the information about nuclear weapons is also likely to be recorded! Although Einstein did not participate in the study of nuclear weapons, he hated war very much. When the first World War broke out, he was invited by Germany to move to Berlin, and showed his firm attitude: anti war!

He hated war, so he did not participate in the research and development of nuclear weapons. However, his manuscripts probably recorded information about nuclear weapons. In order not to be found or stolen, Einstein had to destroy them! But of course it can’t be ruled out – data errors! Although Einstein is the representative of wisdom, it does not mean that all his records are correct. After all, “failure is the mother of success”. If you want to succeed, you must stand the test of failure, so the wrong data is likely to be recorded. Since it is wrong, destroy it!

In most cases, Einstein’s destruction of his manuscript is regarded as “protection”, but no one protects him after his death! People covet his brain. After his death, doctor Thomas Harvey stole his brain and cut it into 240 pieces to study why Einstein’s brain is so smart. However, Thomas Harvey has a bad reputation all his life. He is a doctor without medical ethics. It is precisely because of his curiosity about Einstein’s brain that he finally made such a crazy move!

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