How open was Tang Dynasty to Yang Guifei and others?

The Tang Dynasty, a great dynasty, is the one that we are most proud of today. The economic development and political openness have made this great country extremely broad and confident.

At this time, women’s status may be the highest in all dynasties. Of course, it is also related to the emergence of the only female emperor in China. But if we look carefully, we will find that the emergence of Wu Zetian is only possible in the Tang Dynasty. Why is Wu Zetian the only woman politician with ability and courage in history?

But she is the only one who can sit on the Dragon chair. Let’s take a look at her family background. She turned out to be a little concubine of Emperor Taizong. Because of the great love of the prince, she went through ups and downs and reached the peak of her career, which made countless men bow down for her.

There is another person I have to mention here, that is Yang Yuhuan. Maybe children can tell the story about this wonderful creature in the world.

She used to be the Crown Princess of Li Mao, the king of longevity. After her father-in-law Li Longji took a fancy to her, she was considered to have been in love with her for decades and loved her for 3000 years. These two women are incestuous, one is to marry her mother and the other is to bully her daughter-in-law. It is inconceivable that they should be in the Ming and Qing Dynasties!

Maybe people think it’s a matter of the emperor’s family. Others can’t speak. In fact, it’s not. The emperor is the son of heaven and the model of all the people. If you are against ethics, if you are the emperor, you are afraid that if you really don’t love the country and the beautiful people, you should abdicate first!

But our people in the Tang Dynasty are just complaining. After a symbolic block, they will go. These two women did not end up in one, and they also achieved the extreme of being a woman at that time, which was also the reason why people at that time had relatively loose ideas about women’s so-called chastity.

There are two other evidences about the Tang Dynasty’s leniency towards women. One is Princess Taiping, who married Xue Shao first and then Wu Youji. No one gave a fart about her remarriage. In fact, in the Tang Dynasty, it was very normal for women to remarry, not only princes and nobles, but also common people.

There is even an extreme example, that is “husband” which is the only event in all dynasties. According to historical records, a princess in the Tang Dynasty simply gave her husband a letter of divorce because she was dissatisfied with her husband, reduced her husband to “next cousin” and chose a good monarch to remarry.

If it is said that women’s remarriage at that time was a helpless choice because of their husband’s death, then what the princess did was really shocking. But our Tang people didn’t say anything. It seemed that they were quite obedient.

There is also a remarkable phenomenon that can reflect the loose sex of women in Han and Tang Dynasties, that is painting. We can take a look at the pictures of ladies in ancient times. We can see a little bit from the dress of women. Before the Han and Tang Dynasties, the dress of ladies in the pictures of ladies was relatively loose, and the ladies in the Tang Dynasty were quite sexy.

In Dunhuang’s Mogao Grottoes paintings, there are large-scale flying pictures, which are extremely rare in the history of Chinese painting.

However, after the Song Dynasty, the dress of ladies changed greatly, and they could hardly see their necks. The confinement of this kind of dress also reflected the change of sexual attitude towards women.

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