How powerful is divine civilization? Three body expression is far from enough, or will subvert our cognition

In the previous period, the three body novels suddenly attracted the attention of most people. He used vivid language to show us the vastness of the universe, as well as the truth hidden behind the universe. However, for those of us who eat melons, the most attractive things are the wars between God level civilizations. If there is a divine civilization in the universe, how fierce is the war between them? Maybe the three body is just the tip of the iceberg, which is much more terrifying than we think.

According to the “three body” view of the universe, there is a universe beyond the cosmic level, with infinite cycles. There is a proton universe in our universe, and our universe also exists in the super membrane, which is infinitely large upward and infinitely small downward. Some super civilizations can realize the transition of the universe in a specific way.

In the three bodies, besides the three body civilization, there is also the “magic eye civilization”, which directly realizes the transition of the universe. But different from it, the magic eye civilization is the superstructure, which forces it out by means of violence and destruction. Although the supernatural eye civilization can withstand a 7-level dimensionality reduction, it does not have the “gate” to connect with the universe, nor does it have the ability to create the universe, otherwise it will not be foolish enough to challenge the universe.

Dimension war

As Liu Cixin described in the three bodies, its civilization has been able to grasp a higher dimension, and the basic laws of the whole universe have become a weapon. That is to say, the universe is like a piece of paper in front of the divine civilization. It can tear up or even reorganize the paper at will. Such a way of war is not only to destroy heaven and earth, but also to manipulate the universe at will. The war between sacred civilizations is like the nuclear deterrence of the United States and the Soviet Union. Once the war breaks out, the universe will be destroyed at any time.




For the divine civilization, they have mastered the one-dimensional space of the universe, so for them, time is just a common constant. Once a war breaks out in these two ways, the use of time and the shaking degree can be a little subversive. From the figurative point of view, it is just like mieba in the avenger alliance can kill illusion twice in a row and resurrect. When the two countries go to war, they can fight each other, making each other feel the shame of losing again and again. The war between them is beyond human understanding.

Reset to zero and restart

In the war between the divine civilizations in the three bodies, there is a very terrible method called dimension reduction strike. Originally there were 11 dimensions, but they have been using dimension reduction methods to minimize the longest two-dimensional space in the universe. In this context, the great God level civilization in the universe makes use of an unprecedented terror to make the universe return to the pastoral era of zero restart. For these terrible divine civilizations, if the war fails, if their dog jumps over the wall, they can start the whole universe from scratch. This kind of operation is just a trick that people can’t understand. Anyone can only go to destruction before the universe returns to zero and restarts.

Therefore, the war between gods in the universe is beyond our imagination. At present, human means only stay on the basis of the earth as a reference.

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