How powerful is life? It’s 100 million years since scientists resurrected this creature!

In the long process of natural evolution, human beings have overcome the survival of the fittest and become the new masters of the earth. In the billions of years of the earth’s existence, there have been many species extinctions, each of which represents a change in the world pattern. Now the earth’s environment has undergone severe changes, global temperature is rising, and scientists have repeatedly warned mankind that if mankind does not restrain its own behavior, the next mass extinction will come soon. It also means that human beings may withdraw from the stage of history, and new creatures will take over the position of human beings.

More and more species are facing extinction

This conclusion is not groundless. According to scientists’ exploration of nature, more and more animals are facing extinction, and even many of them have completely died out. Scientists predict that more than 40% of the world’s species will be extinct in the future. The main culprit is human beings themselves. This also brings a warning to scientists that the balance of the ecological environment has been damaged. If some extinct organisms suddenly appear, does it mean that there is some compensation for the ecological environment?

Does reviving ancient creatures affect the present ecosystem

This view has also caused a lot of controversy. Some people are skeptical about the possibility of reviving ancient creatures. If extinct creatures reappear in the ecosystem, does it mean that today’s ecosystem will be imbalanced, and human beings will be in the change of ecological environment again? Such suspicions are not unreasonable. Scientists believe that the ecological environment has been damaged. Even if these organisms reappear, they will not harm human health in a short time. So scientists successfully revived a microorganism more than 100 million years ago.

This microbe has been around for hundreds of millions of years

In fact, this kind of organism appeared before the extinction of dinosaurs. They have been dormant all the time. Now they can be successfully revived, which shows that their vitality is 10 points strong. This kind of microorganism lives in the deep sea of the Pacific Ocean. As we all know, the environment of the deep sea is 10 points bad. Lack of food sources and oxygen, many organisms can’t survive in the ocean for a long time Stay, and this creature can stay at the bottom of the ocean for hundreds of millions of years. This kind of microorganism is the oldest living thing at present.

This has brought great enlightenment to scientists. Vitality is very tenacious. In places we can’t detect, there may be other unknown creatures. If these extinct creatures re-enter the ecosystem, they may act as decomposers again and make the ecosystem balance again.

With regard to this view, scientists have never stopped their research. Reviving mammoths is also in the scientists’ research plan. If this huge prehistoric creature can really be revived, it may be able to rejuvenate the present ecosystem. What’s your opinion about this kind of experiment?

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