How powerful is “nine stars in a row”? It means unknown. No wonder the ancients were upset!

How powerful is “nine stars in a row”? It means unknown. No wonder the ancients were upset!

Long ago, facing the boundless universe, human beings were full of infinite reverie, always looking up at the sky, eager to explore the mysterious veil. Seeing those strange phenomena arouses the curiosity of explorers, and everyone wants to reveal the secrets hidden in the universe. For thousands of years, scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of the origin of the universe, and what trend they will develop in the future, which coincides with Socrates’ words. The more they know, the more ignorant they will be.

The universe is so vast that human beings are eager to explore, but they don’t know where to start. Until now, although human beings have the opportunity to go to the universe to have a look, what they still know is only the skin. Among these wonders, the nine star Lianzhu absolutely shocked the audience. Modern people and the ancients have totally different attitudes towards the nine star Lianzhu. What is the attitude? Take the ancients as an example. At that time, the level of science and technology was relatively backward. Seeing any astronomical scene would be linked with the general trend of the world, so as to set off the direction of the future. How powerful is “nine stars in a row”? It means unknown. No wonder the ancients were upset!

What does nine stars in a row mean?

The ancients were more afraid of the nine star Lianzhu, which has an ominous meaning. Until now, there are more and more ways for human beings to observe the universe, and the progress of science and technology has finally enabled human beings to have a deeper understanding of these terrible celestial phenomena and make reasonable explanations. In fact, the nine star string is not as terrible as expected. It refers to the eight planets and Pluto. The string means that nine celestial bodies are in the same line at the same time. Obviously, each planet has its own orbit.

The probability of being on the same line is very small, so scientists set a standard that when the angle between the connecting lines of multiple celestial bodies is less than 13 degrees, it is called the phenomenon of beads. The more planets you participate in, the less likely it is to be connected. Everyone has heard of nine star Lianzhu, but they have never seen it with their own eyes. However, in Sumerians 6000 years ago, they were lucky to see it once. Through some advanced scientific equipment, experts speculate that the second nine star streak will be held in the early morning of December 6, 2149. I don’t know who can see this rare astronomical phenomenon.

Why are nine star Beads Rare

In the past, there have been six or seven stars, but few eight or nine stars. When the degree of angle is bigger and bigger, the probability will also increase. In the history of human civilization, we have only seen a nine star Lianzhu once. To sum up, the ancients regarded the nine star Lianzhu as a monster. To put it bluntly, it is a rare astronomical spectacle with extremely low probability. It will not have a substantial impact on the earth. The main reason why human beings have a kind of fear is that they do not have a deep understanding of it.

With the rapid progress of science and technology, human beings rely on the power of science and technology to have a deeper understanding of the nine star Lianzhu. This kind of fear gradually disappears and becomes more longing. If human beings can see the magnificent scene of the nine star Lianzhu in their lifetime, they will not go in vain in this world. What do you know about the nine star Lianzhu? You can leave a message for interaction.

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