How powerful is nuclear radiation? Chernobyl mutant giant rat, sharp teeth, half a meter long!

Scientists have created very rich material wealth for human beings. Relying on their inventions, human life has been greatly facilitated, and the development of heavy industry is booming. Behind the rapid development of science and technology, it also brings a lot of danger to human beings. In 1986, the No.4 reactor of Chernobyl’s nuclear power plant exploded, causing tens of thousands of casualties, 400 times more powerful than the atomic bomb. After this accident, the uninhabited Chernobyl has become a “ghost town”.

Scientists have been“


“Giant rat” attack

Although the local residents have been safely evacuated, but a large number of animals living here can not escape. Some time ago, the fire in Chernobyl made this ghost town even more desolate. Many people are curious about the animals living in Chernobyl. After all, the harm of nuclear radiation is very huge. Will they evolve into other species? This kind of worry is not unreasonable. There was a time when scientists discovered the terrible mutant giant rat in Chernobyl.

Ten years after the accident, scientific research teams from three countries entered Chernobyl to observe animals that had been exposed to nuclear radiation for decades. Although 10 years have passed, the nuclear radiation has not disappeared, so the scientists put on heavy protective clothing, made full safety measures and entered the radiation zone, but they did not expect that they were waiting for a mutant animal.

At first, the investigation process was very smooth, but they suddenly heard the cry of human beings. When they arrived at the rescue team member’s side, they found that a huge mouse was biting him. The team member soon lost his vital signs, and his body was unrecognized by the giant rat. This giant rat is actually a protozoan living in Chernobyl. After radiation, the gene has changed. It is half a meter long and has huge sharp teeth. As soon as the news came out, it attracted the attention of the whole world, and many people talked about it. Does this mutant giant rat really exist?

There are many controversies about the existence of giant rats

Many people think that this phenomenon is too similar to the scenes in science fiction movies. According to the reality, rats have a strong reproductive ability. If there is a mutant giant rat, it must be more than one discovered by the scientific research team. Maybe it has already entered the human life zone. According to evolution, there is no directionality in gene variation. Therefore, the direction of mutation of animals receiving nuclear radiation is uncertain. The evolution of giant rats is only one of the directions, and they may also become smaller. Until now, the view of Chernobyl giant rats is still controversial.

Whether there are giant rats in Chernobyl or not, the animals living here have been exposed to nuclear radiation for several 10 years. If they enter the human living area, is it good or bad for human beings? Do you think there are giant rats in Chernobyl? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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