How small is the earth? Just look at the photos taken by Voyager one from 6.4 billion kilometers away

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and it is also the only planet with intelligent life discovered by human beings. Before human beings walk out of the earth, we always feel that the earth is so big that we can’t see the edge at a glance. It’s basically impossible for human beings to walk through the earth without developed means of transportation. Ancient people believed that the earth was the whole universe, and the stars and the sun in the sky were all part of the earth.

With the rapid development of human civilization, we know more about the universe and the earth. We also understand that the earth has size, and the sun and stars in the sky are not part of the earth. The earth also revolves around the sun. When human beings enter the era of science and technology, with astronomical telescopes, we know more about the universe, but at this time, we can not directly feel the size of the earth and the vastness of the universe.

It is the moment when human beings walk out of the earth and look at the earth from space that we realize that the earth is actually a sphere with its own size. Moreover, it can only be a small point in the universe. Among the eight planets in the solar system, the earth can only rank the fourth in volume. Outside the solar system, there are countless planets larger than the earth. So how much is the earth?

If we want to truly feel the smallness of the earth, we can observe the earth from different places in space. From the moon, the earth is the most beautiful and the best place to observe the earth in space. The moon is 384000 km away from the earth. On the moon, we can clearly see the white clouds, blue sky, ocean and land on the earth. At this time, the earth is like a big blue gem, very beautiful and eye-catching.

When we go further and come to Mars to see the earth, the earth is not so obvious and beautiful. Mars is 55 million to 400 million kilometers away from the earth, which mainly depends on the orbit of Mars. Looking at the earth from Mars, the earth is one of thousands of stars. The only difference between the earth and other stars is the blue light, which shows the identity of its life planet.

When we look at the earth from the orbit of Saturn, which is 1.35 billion kilometers away from the earth, the earth will be smaller, just like a blue dust. At this time, the earth still does not forget to show the brilliance of its life planet with its unique color. At this time, human beings are proud. Although the earth is very small in the universe, it is a planet with a large area of oceans, tens of millions of animals and plants, and more than 7 billion intelligent human beings.

Standing in the orbit of Saturn, we can still see the dust like earth, but further forward, the dust of the earth will disappear. At present, the most recent human image of the earth was taken by Voyager 1 on February 14, 1990, 6.4 billion kilometers away from the earth. To see the earth from this image, you need to enlarge the image many times. The size of the earth is only 0.12 pixels, so you can only see a dim blue dot.

This is also the most remote place on earth that human beings can see at present, which is of great significance. This picture tells us: the earth is so big, contains a world, at the same time it is so small, just a tiny dust in the universe. When we look at the earth from 6.4 billion kilometers away, we know that the earth is too small to completely ignore its existence.

When human beings just walked out of the earth, many of them were proud of being a member of the earth and felt that the universe was nothing. Sooner or later, human beings will be able to travel all over the universe and become the supreme of the universe. However, with the development of science and technology and the increasing understanding of the universe, we are more and more awed of the universe, and dare not speak wildly and dominate the universe. I believe no one dares to say that.

At first, scientists thought that the Milky way was the whole universe, but later, with the upgrade of the astronomical telescope, we found that the original understanding was very superficial. The Milky way may be only one of the hundreds of millions of galaxies in the universe. In our eyes, the Milky way has a diameter of 200000 light-years, which is a very huge galaxy. But if we look at the Milky way from the distant sky outside the Milky way, the Milky way is just like the earth from 6.4 billion kilometers away, just less than a pixel.

If you look at the universe by reducing it by countless times, you will find that there are countless luminous stars like points in the universe, which represent galaxies like the Milky way. This is also why with the development of human science and technology, we feel more and more insignificant. Another important reason why human beings feel small is that there may be a large number of alien civilizations.

Before human beings realize the vastness of the universe, most people believe that human beings are the only intelligent life in the universe. However, with more and more human knowledge of the universe, I believe that no one will doubt the existence of alien civilization. Although we have not found alien civilization, we dare not deny their existence.

If there are alien civilizations in the universe, their birth time and development course will be different from that of human beings. Even if we focus on the development of science and technology, human beings have only developed for hundreds of years, while alien civilization may have developed for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, hundreds of millions of years. We can’t imagine how powerful a civilization that has developed technology for hundreds of millions of years will be? This is also one of the important reasons why human beings feel insignificant.

Of course, even if there are extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe that are countless times stronger than human beings, they have developed step by step. Their advantage may be that they were born many years earlier than human beings. Although human beings were born relatively late, their development potential is huge. We can use hundreds of years to develop science and technology to the present level. We believe that as long as human beings continue to develop, in a few tens of thousands of years, they will be a powerful existence in the universe.

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