How strange is octopus? Blue blood, extraordinary wisdom, can it be an alien?

There are many prophets in history, but in Xiaobian’s opinion, their ability of prediction is far less than that of this creature. Who is this creature? It is the world’s most famous animal “prophet” – Octopus “Paul”.

Although born in England, Paul grew up in Germany. In the 2008 European Championships and the 2010 World Cup, it made a total of 14 predictions and 13 guesses, with a success rate of 92.85%, reaching a height that almost no one can match. It can be called the “octopus emperor” to the letter.

However, while people are surprised at Paul’s incredible ability of prophecy, some people also have such a question: why does Paul Octopus have the ability of prophecy?

Looking at the octopus, we will find that it is really special. Scientists have pointed out that octopus is very different from other creatures on earth in all aspects. Octopus genes are far more complex than humans. So many scientists speculate that octopus is not a living thing on earth, but probably an alien living thing. What’s so special about octopus?

1、 Blue blood

We all know that the blood is red. Everyone who has seen “the blue blood man of the adventure King Wesley” knows that there is an alien race in it – the blue blood man. And the octopus blood color is blue, this is not on the imagination of it!

2、 Three hearts

After in-depth research by scientists, it turns out that octopus is much more powerful than humans. The octopus has three hearts, two of which are dedicated to the gills and the other to the whole body.

3、 Nine brains

In addition to two more hearts than other creatures, octopus has nine brains and up to 500 million neurons. Among the nine brains of octopus, one is located in the nerve center, which is the main brain, and eight are located in the wrist and foot.

4、 Open the bottle cap

Each secondary brain of octopus can make a rapid response to the external environment, so many of its behaviors can act independently without asking for instructions from the primary brain, which also enables octopus to have a strong learning ability and conceptual thinking. In other words, they can deal with more complicated things independently.

Some scientists have done such an experiment on octopus. They put the octopus into a glass bottle and screwed on the lid. However, after groping for some time, the octopus was able to open the lid of the bottle and escape from the glass bottle. No one taught him how to rotate the cap, but he did.

5、 You can edit your own RNA

Octopus can edit its own RNA, which can be rearranged in the genome to control its own genetic material. However, on earth, only octopus can do it among the known creatures.


So scientists speculate that octopus may not be the real life on earth, which raises a new question: How did life on earth originate?

Some people may think of Darwin’s theory of evolution, but Darwin’s theory of evolution only tells us how organisms evolved, not how life was born.

Xiaobian believes that the universe is full of mystery, and the seeds of life must be everywhere. Perhaps, a life was hidden in a comet, and came to the earth through the comet, and then began the journey of life on the earth. The differences of Octopus just illustrate this point.

Do you think octopus is an alien species? Welcome to the comments section.

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