How strong is the strongest earthquake in human history? Nine volcanoes erupted at the same time, and the aftershock lasted for one month

In this world, everything is inextricably linked and must follow the laws of nature. The cycle of life and death is an objective existence. It cannot be transferred by the will of human beings. As the most advanced animal in the world, human beings will never be able to resist the occurrence of natural disasters. That is to say, science and technology has reached a very developed stage, and it can only predict natural disasters in advance, but can not To stop natural disasters. Disaster is human born, in many disasters, the most people feel unprepared, panic is the earthquake. Maybe the first second you are chatting with your family with relish, and the next second an earthquake without warning will happen, which makes you unprepared. The powerful vibration makes you feel how powerful the natural forces are.

Japan and China have been affected by the tsunami caused by the earthquake with the highest magnitude and the most destructive force in history

In the early 1960s, Chile experienced the largest earthquake with the highest magnitude and the strongest sense in history. It is also the most destructive and largest earthquake so far. At that time, the magnitude of the earthquake monitored by earthquake experts was 9.5, which released a huge amount of energy in about three to five minutes. This kind of energy was very powerful and destructive, which was equivalent to the energy released by an asteroid hitting the earth. In other words, it was equivalent to the energy released by more than 180 Wenchuan earthquakes with a magnitude of 8.

The earthquake occurred at about 15:00 p.m., about 160 kilometers away from the coast, and the source was located on the south coast of Chile. When the earthquake occurred, all the cities and villages in Chile were affected, and the buildings that took many years to build almost collapsed in an instant. All the residents living in this city can survive very little. A local old man who experienced the earthquake said: “all my family members lost their lives in the earthquake. When the earthquake happened, all the surrounding houses collapsed. The scene was very tragic. In the great grief, I tried my best to hug my wife. This hug is farewell. ” Less than 10 minutes after the earthquake, it directly caused the tsunami. The places affected by the tsunami include the Hawaiian Islands, Honshu island of Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and China’s outlying islands. According to relevant statistics, at that time, the tsunami caused by the most destructive and destructive earthquake left millions of people homeless. However, compared with other countries, China suffered a lot It’s not a big impact.

After the earthquake, several volcanoes erupted and three new volcanoes appeared

The most destructive earthquake in human history not only triggered a tsunami, but also caused six volcanoes to erupt on the third day after the earthquake. Previously, relevant experts found that these six volcanoes were all dead volcanoes in geological exploration, which could erupt again. This earthquake triggered the eruption. After the earthquake, the geological activity was very high, and even three new volcanoes appeared later, a total of nine volcanoes erupted during the earthquake.

The aftershock lasted for one month, causing more than 800 million US dollars in losses

This large-scale earthquake lasted for a very long time. After the earthquake, the aftershocks lasted for one month, and the affected area was also very wide, In an instant, millions of people were homeless and displaced. The economic loss caused by the largest earthquake in Chile directly reached more than 800 million US dollars. Such huge destructive power and incalculable casualties made the earthquake the largest natural disaster in human history.

Since ancient times, Chile is in a very special geological structure. There are active Nasca plate and South American plate underground. When the geological energy reaches the limit, the edge of the plate will rupture, and earthquakes will occur after the release of energy, which makes Chile the country with the most frequent earthquakes.

Disasters are inevitable for human beings. There are more terrible natural disasters on the planet where we live. These natural disasters are unpredictable and unchangeable. So in the face of disaster, we are so small, we have no power to compete with nature, we should learn to protect nature, coexist with nature, live in the present, we should cherish the good life now.

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