How terrible are the advanced civilizations that have lived in the universe for a billion years?

In our subconscious mind, we always feel that the universe is unpredictable and has many unsolved mysteries. Most people believe that alien advanced civilizations are real.

They believe that the technology of these alien civilizations is much more advanced than that of human beings. They can do what human beings can do, and they can do what human beings can’t do at present.

These advanced alien civilizations have survived for at least one billion years. Why do you say that?

As we all know, the mainstream view in modern cosmology is that the birth of the universe originated from a big bang, which is about 13.8 billion years ago.

Some scientists believe that the earth can not be the only planet with life in the whole universe. The existence of the universe is so far away and vast that alien civilizations must exist, and they are at least one billion years ahead of human beings.

Although the development of modern science and technology is less than a hundred years, human beings have been able to detect the celestial bodies in the universe, the deep sea, genetic engineering technology and so on.

We greatly enlarge our perception of the world, see further, run faster, and hear more.

Therefore, for the alien civilizations that are more than 1 billion years ahead of us, their development will certainly not be worse than that of human beings. On the contrary, their development level may be beyond our imagination.

What will technology look like after more than one billion years? If you recall the sci-fi movies you have seen, you may have a clearer concept.

How terrible will this advanced civilization, which has lived in the universe for more than one billion years, be?

First of all, their technology must be very advanced. The development of science and technology can be reflected in the manufacture of the most basic tools. For example, we have super fast mobile spaceships, which can travel between the universe at any speed close to or even exceed the speed of light.

The reason why the alien civilization has not found the existence of the earth is that the universe is too big. At present, the observable universe discovered by scientists is 93 billion light-years. However, we can’t give a more accurate answer to the specific size of the outer sky.

There are 100-400 billion galaxies in the Milky Way alone. The earth is too small for advanced alien civilization, just like a small grain of sand on the beach.

Secondly, the advanced alien civilization is adept at using black holes. Some scientists speculate that the other end of the black hole is connected with different universes. The black hole is like a space-time tunnel, which can lead to a higher dimension of space-time.

It’s hard to imagine what terrible things will happen if our beautiful earth is discovered by advanced alien civilization!

No wonder Hawking warned humans more than once in his life not to take the initiative to contact aliens and not to respond to the signals sent by aliens.

Human beings are just lower civilizations in the universe. When higher civilizations meet lower civilizations, we can imagine the end, in addition to death or death.

Xiao Bian thinks that the present scientific hypothesis is of great significance in the future scientific research. Hypothesis is a form of scientific thinking, and none of us can deny it at will.

With the rapid development of science and technology, maybe one day, what we think of as nonsense will come true.

The earth is just a drop in the ocean in the universe, and human beings are even smaller in front of the universe. Therefore, the truth of the universe and the higher civilization of the universe are unimaginable to human cognition at present.

Just like ants don’t understand other animals on earth, let alone human beings and human science and technology!

What else do you think is frightening about the advanced civilizations living in the universe? Welcome to the comments area.

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