How terrible is 10000 meters under the sea? It’s dark. There are unidentified creatures. It scares the divers

So far, it is impossible for human beings to explore the ocean without limit, because there is pressure in the sea. The deeper the water is, the stronger the pressure is. Professional diving equipment is needed to go deep. Generally, ordinary people can dive to a depth of about 20 meters, and divers with professional training can dive about 40 meters in diving suits. The water pressure in this place is already very high. To use a figurative analogy, the water pressure here is equivalent to the pressure of 400 adults lying flat on the ground.

Below 200 meters, the temperature, salinity and density will change dramatically, the sunlight will become weaker, and the nature of organisms will become more fragile. Blue whales live at an altitude of 500 meters. As we all know, blue whales are the largest cetaceans in the ocean, and can be said to be the overlord of the ocean. However, blue whales are also very gentle animals. They live in places that are not particularly deep, up to 500 meters, and sometimes swim to shallow water. People can also see blue whales.

Ten thousand meters underwater is darkness

There is no sunlight at the depth of 10000 meters, and it is dark all around. However, there are many fish and creatures here. However, the creatures here have evolved their own unique lighting organs to adapt to the dark environment. Many creatures are white or transparent.

There is a powerful creature in the whale family, called sperm whale, which lives in the bottom of the sea 1760 meters deep. There are also big squids here.

There’s still life at 10000 meters underwater

Is there any living thing at the depth of 10000 meters? The answer is yes. China’s Jiaolong once dived 7020 meters deep and found deep-sea creatures. These deep-sea creatures are something we have never seen before. The saying that 10000 meters under the sea scared the crazy divers spread on the Internet is a bit exaggerated, but it also shows the horror of the deep sea. The deep sea is not completely calm, but full of all kinds of dangers.

So it seems that the statement of a diver with 10000 meters under the sea is a bit exaggerated. But the underwater world is really terrible, because without sunlight, it will become dark. In the deep sea, there are many marine creatures that have not been recognized or understood by human beings, but can not compete with them at all. The unknown will bring more fear. But I believe that with the further development of human science and technology, the underwater world will gradually open in people’s eyes.

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