How terrible is 10000 meters under the sea? You’ll see after reading this

71% of the earth is the ocean. There are many kinds of organisms in the ocean, no less than those on land. Human beings are the overlord of the earth, living on land. For the ocean, human beings have been very eager to explore. There are abundant resources in the ocean. At the same time, it is a biological world, especially in the depths of the ocean. There are many creatures that we have never seen before.

How deep is the ocean? It is estimated that no one can accurately answer that although human science and technology can dive into the ocean below 10000 meters, it is far from the deepest part of the ocean. So what terrible things will you experience from the sea to 10000 meters deep? Let’s go and have a look with our friends.

There is pressure in the sea. The deeper the water is, the greater the pressure is. A normal person can only dive to about 17 meters without diving suit. A friend with good physical strength can dive to 20 meters. If you go down, you can’t. There’s too much pressure to go down.

About 40 meters under the sea, there are about four water pressures at atmospheric pressure, which is equivalent to 27 tons of pressure on your body. Therefore, if you want to dive to 40 meters, you have to have regular professional diving training and assemble professional diving suits. In this deep ocean, there are many kinds of water, and sunlight can also shine into it. All kinds of marine organisms and plants live in large numbers.

At 100 meters of the bottom of the sea, there will be some fish like hairtail. At this time, the light has begun to decrease, and 113 meters is also the deepest record of unarmed diving set by a Frenchman in 20016. Human beings still can’t compare with marine life. A person’s free diving may be more than 1000 meters deep.

When the sea bottom reaches 200 meters, it is difficult for the sunlight to enter, and the plants have also left the use of photosynthesis. Therefore, from 200 meters, the number of plants on the sea bottom begins to decrease, which is also an important position in the sea bottom world. Further down, it will enter the transition layer of about 1000 meters, and the indicators of sea water will change dramatically.

The biggest living thing in the world is the blue whale, which lives 500 meters under the sea. Some large fish, such as whales, basically live in the depth range of 500-1000 meters. At this depth, if people want to dive into the sea, they must use diving equipment, otherwise the atmospheric pressure of the water will press you into a meat cake.

The bottom of the sea below 1000 meters has entered the deep-sea layer. There is no sunlight here, but don’t think there is no light here. Because the creatures below 1000 meters live in the dark sea water, some creatures have evolved lighting organs and can emit light by themselves. Therefore, deep-sea divers can often see those luminous creatures in the water below 1000, such as fireflies on land at night. And in the deep sea, many creatures are photophilic, see the light will swim to you.

1600 meters under the sea, this is the home of glass octopus. What is glass octopus? Because it’s transparent except for digestive organs. 1760 meters under the sea, there is a rare creature, sperm whale, and King squid. This is a very big squid, some of which can be up to 12 meters long. No matter how long it is, it is also the food of sperm whale. Sperm whale and King squid are deadly enemies. When they meet, there will be a fierce fight. Generally, King squid will become food.

From 1000 meters to 8000 meters, there are some strange creatures in the deep sea every 1000 meters, and many of them are giant creatures. No one knows how many creatures there are in the deep sea. Naturally, the secrets in the deep sea are the most. To dive into such a deep sea, only submarines can do it. In 2011, Jiaolong dived 5188 meters. In May 2016, Jiaolong dived 6579 meters.

In fact, there are few creatures below 6000 meters of the sea floor. When we reach 10000 meters of the sea floor, it’s a dark and terrifying place. The depth of the ocean is more than 10000 meters, and the bottom of the sea is also the closest to the center of the earth. Although human beings have begun to explore space, they actually know very little about the internal conditions of our earth. Land drilling can only drill more than 10000 meters at most, even the crust has not been broken.

What’s underground like? Whether there is an underground world and the existence of underground people has always been a mystery, and the same is true in the depths of the ocean. At present, human science and technology can dive below 10000 meters, but they don’t know much about the depth of the ocean. Perhaps the deeper depths of the ocean also have different worlds and styles.

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