How terrible is Jupiter? If not for its interference, maybe the solar system has three “Earth”!

Originally, there were at least three “earths” in the solar system, but now there is only one due to the two shortcomings of Jupiter!

Human beings are the luckiest higher living beings. They have a planet full of vitality like the earth, which is full of abundant resources, breeds the growth of all things, and embellishes the whole earth with many colors. Since the improvement of science and technology, people often compare Mars, the moon and other stars with the earth, trying to find traces of the birth of life in them. But after such a long time, the two planets are still extremely poor, and no evidence of the existence of life has been found. This makes people wonder, does alien civilization exist?

In addition to these two planets, Jupiter is particularly daunting. Speaking of Jupiter, perhaps many people’s first reaction is the earth’s protective star, because it protects the earth from many asteroids. If it had not been for it, perhaps the earth would have been destroyed. In the process of research, scientists found that Jupiter is the star with the worst environment. Compared with Mars and the moon, it has very little possibility of life, so after such a long time, people dare not rashly land on this planet. It seems to be warning people that if they land on Jupiter, they will face death. So what’s so terrible about Jupiter? Originally, there were at least three “earths” in the solar system, but now there is only one due to the two shortcomings of Jupiter!

Two terrible things about Jupiter

First of all, the first point is gravity, which has a much larger mass than the earth. Even if Pluto is removed from the list, it may not be able to compete with it. Every small celestial body around it will be attracted by its strong gravity. In 1992, there was a huge collision accident in the solar system. Thanks to the gravity of Jupiter, the comet was prevented from entering the solar system. Later, through the investigation of scientists, the comet’s power is equivalent to five atomic bombs. If it hits the earth, the consequences will be unimaginable. Thanks to Jupiter’s splitting it into 21 pieces, it uses its body to block the disaster for the earth. However, it also has disadvantages. Its gravity will cause other stars to approach, increasing the risk of the earth being hit.

The second reason is that the internal environment of Jupiter is extremely bad, which is more terrible than purgatory. It is impossible for life to be born here. Even if there has been life, it will be eliminated because of the bad environment. After all, how can an environment like Jupiter adapt to the existence of life?

If it wasn’t for Jupiter, there would be more than one earth in the solar system

Many people have seen wandering earth. This movie is thought-provoking, and boldly restores the situation that Jupiter’s gravity is too large, causing the earth to deviate from its orbit. If it happens in real life, human beings will face an unprecedented disaster. According to the bold inference of scientists, at least 2-3 inland planets collided with Jupiter at the beginning of the formation of the solar system, resulting in the crash. If it wasn’t for Jupiter, maybe there would be more than one earth in the solar system, and the number would increase a lot.

So far, the real home for human survival is the earth, because of the influence of Jupiter, the scope of human life is reduced. But human beings are also very lucky, the earth has rich resources, everything is not easy to get. All in all, Jupiter’s gravity has both advantages and disadvantages. What else do you know about Jupiter? You can leave a message for interaction.

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