How terrible is Korean knife work? Eel processing half suddenly wake up, the next scene do not blink!

If you ask which country handles seafood better, many people will say that Japan is an island country after all.

But in fact, in addition to Japan, Koreans also rely on the sea. Because of their geographical location, the local people’s eating habits are mainly seafood.

Do you know how terrible it is for Korean people to work with knives? Eel processing half suddenly wake up, don’t blink in the next scene!

Eel is an aggressive fish with smooth body and sharp teeth. If they are not careful, they may bite them, so they should be handled with care.

However, this is not a problem for Korean chefs. They had only two tools for handling eels, a nail and a knife.

I saw the Korean Chef grab an eel, put it on the chopping board, and then grab its head. Unexpectedly, the eel suddenly woke up and wanted to bite the Korean Chef.

Fortunately, the chef reacted quickly, pointed his nails at the head of the eel, nailed them to the chopping board, and then died immediately. Next, the chef cuts its stomach, cleans its internal organs, and cuts them into pieces.

In less than a minute, an eel was cleaned up by him, and there was no possibility of resistance. I want to know if his friends think his Dao Gong is very good?

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