How terrible is the Chinese black fish called “yusila” by Americans? It’s more than 1 meter long, so you can eat what you catch

In recent years, species invasion events are common. Now some alien species have developed into new species groups in the local, threatening the biodiversity and ecological security in the local, and having a serious impact on the local ecosystem, especially in the United States and China, which is one of the countries with the most serious flooding of invasive species.

The Chinese black fish has become the American “yusila”, which is notorious in the United States

Black fish belongs to the genus Channa of Channa family, which is a kind of fresh water fish that can breathe air. It is also a carnivorous fish, to fish and shrimp for food, and eating amazing. Summer is the frequent period of black fish activity, especially in high temperature weather. Black fish mostly live in shallow waters, which is the best time for fishermen.

On the Chinese dining table, the correct way to open black fish is: “barbecued black fish, pickled black fish, braised black fish, etc., because black fish meat is fresh and tender, high nutritional value, with the effect of removing blood stasis, nourishing and recuperation, it is loved by many people. Black fish has great potential in China’s economic market, many farmers rely on breeding black fish to get rich. However, it is such a creature, in the United States has become a talk about “black” color change, it seems that everyone hates it.

In the eyes of Americans, the black fish is fierce in nature and tenacious in vitality. It is the “yusila” that invaded North America. The Department of ecology and natural resources of the United States once wrote on the Internet:

“There is a kind of fish in Georgia that can live for several days without water. This kind of creature is an invasive species. If any residents find it, they must kill it immediately.”

Through this article, we can easily see that black fish are not popular in the United States at all.

Why do Americans hate black fish so much?

The biggest difference between black fish and other fish is that black fish has a strong survival ability. No matter how bad the environment is, it can survive tenaciously. Even if it is away from rivers, lakes and water resources, black fish can survive. When it is away from water, as long as there is certain humidity on its gills and body surface, black fish can survive in the air for up to four days. In the past few years, black fish have been found in North American waters, mainly in small fish, shrimp, frog and tadpole, aquatic insects and fish For businessmen and fishing enthusiasts in North America, the appearance of black fish in the waters of the United States is really a headache, because black fish will wantonly commit genocide on other fish.

In addition, the reproductive capacity of black fish is particularly frightening. On average, a black fish reaches sexual maturity when it is two or three years old, and the female black fish can release up to 150000 eggs during each mating. More and more black fish breed, causing irreversible and serious impact on the American ecosystem. When food is scarce, the black fish will go to the land to look for food. This kind of uninvited guest has an impact on the lives of small town residents in the United States. It can be said that the average one meter long black fish catches what they eat. Up to now, the Yangtze River black fish has been found in 14 states in the United States, and American biologists are worried that the Yangtze River black fish is likely to become a new overlord in the American River Basin.

Why are black fish flooding in the United States?

(1) Rapid propagation, high yield, no natural enemies

As we have mentioned before, the black fish has strong survival ability, high breeding speed and high survival rate, which provides convenient conditions for the black fish to “open up territory and expand soil” in the United States. In addition, one of the biggest differences between black fish and other fish is that black fish are addicted to their offspring. They will not choose to leave immediately after laying eggs. They will make a floating nest in the water to protect their eggs from threats and attacks from other creatures. Blackfish are born to protect calves. In North American waters, they have no natural enemies, so they will become “yusila” in the eyes of Americans!

(2) Americans don’t like freshwater fish

For Chinese people, black fish is an indispensable delicacy on the table, but for Americans, black fish can’t be imported at all. Old beauties don’t like to eat this kind of freshwater fish all the time. In their eyes, there are serious metal pollution in many freshwater areas, exceeding the standard seriously. Americans are also afraid of affecting their health if they don’t eat freshwater fish, and they are not used to eating freshwater fish! It’s like for Chinese people to eat raw beef, no matter how good the meat quality is and how high the nutritional value is, it’s not in line with their appetite after all.

Excessive pet breeding and release lead to flooding

At the beginning, black fish was introduced to some Americans as pets. In the process of growing up, Americans found that this kind of fish grew rapidly with a body length of more than one meter. Due to the amazing amount of food, many Americans did not want to raise it any more, so they released it into wild waters. This kind of black fish was born with tenacity and high reproduction rate, and gradually increased in number, becoming a new invasive species !

How to eliminate the black fish in America?

In addition to enacting and improving the relevant legislation, some people have suggested that “poisoning” should be carried out, but this method is difficult to implement. American biologists believe that poisoning in some small ponds is not a big problem, but it is not the best way to poison in many river areas, because there are other species in these river areas, especially Chesapeake Bay, which is famous for its tourism and fishing industry. Poisoning not only affects black fish, but also threatens other aquatic resources.

In addition, American biologists believe that blackfish can’t be completely eliminated by means of electric fishing and wide net spreading. Blackfish are very cunning. When they are in danger, they can lurk in the sludge or sewage like loach and eel, and they can still survive well without food in the bottom mud. Artificial methods can’t completely wipe them out. According to the current situation of American black fish, many netizens said: “in the United States, there is a lack of Chinese stomach. Black fish has rich nutritional value, contains 18 kinds of amino acids, and its protein content is higher than that of chicken and beef. If Americans can develop the habit of eating black fish like Chinese people, they will not worry about black fish flooding in the local area.

It can be seen that it is difficult for black fish to be overused in our country, and even be caught when they are young. The main reason is that there are a lot of food in our country, and there are many kinds of black fish dishes made by chefs, which can quickly eliminate their quantity. In addition, there are many natural enemies of black fish in China’s waters, which limits the further development of black fish. In addition, the overfishing and pollution in recent years have led to a downward trend in the number of black fish. Generally speaking, for Americans, it is necessary to develop the market economic value of black fish rather than make it a notorious species, because only in this way can the number of black fish be controlled.

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