How terrible is the explosion of neutron stars? American astronomers have observed it. Let’s see what they say

According to the news on June 4, at the virtual meeting of the American Astronomical Society, an astronomical team composed of international workers published a new study, recording in detail a report on the explosion process of a neutron star named Sax j1808.4-3658.

This report is the first time that astronomers have seen the whole process of neutron star explosion since the exploration of outer space. It is of great significance to the future astronomical research of mankind.

So what is a neutron star?

Neutron star is the star with the highest density except black hole. At the end of star evolution, after supernova explosion due to gravity collapse, it may become one of the few end points. The star with mass less than black hole collapses at the end of its life and forms a kind of star between white dwarf and black hole.

The density of a neutron star is many times higher than that of any matter on earth. The density of neutron stars is 8 ^ 14 ~ 10 ^ 15 grams per cubic centimeter,

It weighs more than 100 million tons per cubic centimeter

That’s a trillion times the density of water. If the earth is compressed to such a density, then the diameter of the earth will be only 22 meters!

Because they are so dense, they produce some of the most powerful gravitational fields in the universe. And these extreme principles of physics are part of the reason why writers are so fascinated.

And this time we found

Sax neutron star is about 11000 light-years away from the earth, because the neutron star retains most of the angular momentum of the parent star

So the scientists were stunned by its rotation speed, which reached 401 times per second

. In other words, the maximum velocity of an object falling to the surface of a neutron star will reach several hundred thousand kilometers per second.

It can be more specific:

If a normal weight (70 kg) person encounters a neutron star, the energy that it hits the surface of the neutron star will be equivalent to the power of 200 million tons of nuclear explosion (four times the power of the world’s largest nuclear czar). Of course, this is just a hypothesis. If so, the person will be torn apart by the powerful tidal force as he gets closer to the neutron star.

In the observation and study of the neutron star explosion, the astronomical research team used seven different telescopes, including NASA’s swift x Observatory and the international space station’s nice equipment. With these devices, astronomers can see the growing pulsars transition to burst states.

According to Goodwin, the team’s researcher, at first they focused their observations on some “proliferating neutron stars”, which also have other stars in their orbits, so

Neutron stars with a strong attraction continue to suck away the star’s material


When the material plunder reaches a certain degree, the neutron star will start to move in a spiral way, and continue to heat up, and finally burst. The same is true of the explosion process of Sax neutron star.

What is the significance of studying neutron stars?

At 22:00 Beijing time on October 16, 2017, the National Science Foundation of the United States held a press conference to announce that the laser interference gravitational wave observatory (LIGO) and Virgo first discovered the double neutron star merging gravitational wave event on August 17, 2017, which made astronomers more deeply understand the relationship between neutron stars and gravitational waves.

At the beginning, some scientists thought that the gold, platinum and other heavy metals on the earth might come from the big bang of star collisions hundreds of millions of years before the birth of the solar system. Finally, this hypothesis was found in neutron stars.

Because there are so many similarities between neutron stars and black holes, the study of neutron stars will help us to recognize the most mysterious black holes. It is conceivable that in the future, we will study more and more neutron stars and have a clearer understanding of the universe.

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