How thick is the earth? Take you on a journey to the core, and you’ll know

The farthest distance that human beings set foot on the universe is the moon, 380000 kilometers, and the deepest place to the bottom of the sea is only 11000 meters. From this comparison, we can see that we still don’t know much about the earth. The following small make-up with you to explore the earth underground, to see how thick the earth is!

2 meters underground

It is generally the depth of burial. It is generally believed that if the corpse is buried at this depth, there will be no plague or infectious disease.

6 meters underground

It’s the deepest depth a metal detector can detect.

12 meters underground

It’s the deepest cave ever dug by any animal found. It was dug by a Nile crocodile.

20 meters underground

It’s the depth of the catacombs in Paris.

35 meters underground

It’s the depth of the top layer of the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. No one has excavated the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, so it’s still unknown how deep it is.

85 meters underground

It’s the depth of the underground city of Cappadocia in Turkey. The underground city of kapadochia is considered to be an underground building used to prevent nuclear war pollution. The deepest part of the building is 85 meters underground, which is equivalent to 20 or 30 floors of a building!

155 meters underground

Is currently the deepest Hotel depth, this hotel is in Sweden’s “Sala Silver Mine Hotel”.

700 meters underground

It was the depth of the 2010 Chilean mine disaster, when the cave collapsed and 33 miners were trapped 700 meters underground. It took more than two months to rescue all the people inside.

1642 meters underground

It’s the depth of the deepest lake in the world. This lake is Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. During the Russian Winter Olympic Games, the torch relay passed a section in Lake Baikal.

2197m underground

It is the depth of the deepest known cave in the world. This cave is a natural cave, called “kurubyara cave”, located in Georgia. At present, the depth of this cave is 2197 meters, but in fact, this cave should be deeper than this data. Because the underground of the cave is water, but after diving to 2197 meters, people can’t go down, so how deep is still unknown.

2400m underground

It is the deepest laboratory in the world. In Sichuan Province, it is called “Jinping extremely deep underground dark matter laboratory”. It’s built so deep because it’s designed to block out all kinds of cosmic rays and other factors. Dark matter can penetrate anything, so at this depth, other cosmic rays can’t get in. Only dark matter can get in. If their detector reacts, it means they have found dark matter, but so far there has been no reaction.

3600m underground

This is the deepest depth of multicellular life that has been discovered so far. It’s called “devil worm”. Experts have done some research on the insects and found that they can survive in extreme high temperature, high pressure and no oxygen environment, so some people speculate that they can survive in the universe.

3902m underground

It is a very famous gold mine in South Africa, the “tautona gold mine”.

12263m underground

This is the deepest hole ever dug by the former Soviet Union in the world. At that time, they had been digging for nearly 20 years. When they reached this depth, they stopped. Some people said that the main reason for their stoppage was lack of funds. Others said that when they reached this depth, they found a strange “sound of hell”.

At that time, azakov, the person in charge of this project, said that as a communist, he did not believe in the Bible. He didn’t believe in the existence of “God”, but as a scientist, he believed in the existence of “hell”, so they decided not to dig any more.

33000 meters underground

The depth of 33000 meters from the earth’s surface is called the crust, which is mainly composed of volcanic rocks.

33000 m underground to 800000 m underground

This layer is called the upper mantle, and this part is also made of rocks. Because the underground temperature is very high, the huge underground pressure caused a sharp rise in rock temperature, rock temperature will start to glow, so the earth’s interior is very bright.

If the light is removed from the mantle, there will be gems left. These gems include green “olivine” gems, rubies, and diamonds. Therefore, some netizens joked: “it’s better to dig the mantle than to steal a tomb!”

2.8 million meters underground

The 2 million meters from 800000 meters to 2.8 million meters is called lower mantle. The things in the lower mantle will not be brought out by magma, so we don’t know what’s in it. But according to the current analysis, it should still be rock, but the color is deeper.

From 2 million meters underground to 4.8 million meters underground

This is the area that goes into the core of the earth. It’s called the outer core. These two million meters are “iron” Oceans.

Because the earth has north and south poles, all magnetic performance is electric current in rotation, the earth’s underground rocks do not move much, it is impossible to produce geomagnetism, so scientists speculate that there must be molten iron in the rotation. If the molten iron stops rotating, the earth will have no magnetic field, and all living things on the earth will die.

4.8 million meters underground to 6.371 million meters underground

It’s the core part of the earth’s core. The core of the earth’s core is solid and also iron. The temperature here is higher than that of the liquid iron in the outer layer. Because of the pressure, it exists as a solid.

At present, scientists have found that the iron ball appeared only a billion years ago, and how many years later, the liquid part in it will not exist, and the magnetic field will disappear. The atmosphere on the earth’s surface will be blown away by the solar wind, and all living things on the surface will die of ultraviolet radiation.

So Xiaobian thinks that before that, the only way for human beings to survive is to find the next livable planet.

On the whole, our understanding of the earth’s depth is only about 12000 meters, equivalent to 0.2% of the earth’s radius. Our understanding of the earth is too little, even worse than that of the universe.

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