How to “extinguish” the sun? There may be only one way to do it

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The sun is the mother of life on earth. The reason why the earth can become a planet of life and give birth to human beings is first of all because of the sun. It is with the light and heat from the sun that the earth has become a hotbed of life, a large amount of liquid water on its surface, and a life world rich in species.

In ancient times, due to the lack of scientific knowledge, human ancestors did not understand the sun. At that time, the sun was God like in human eyes, so many tribes regarded the sun as a kind of totem worship. However, with the rapid development of mankind, especially after entering the era of science and technology, we have a preliminary understanding of the sun with the help of science. We know that it is the central celestial body of the solar system, a huge star, and eight planets move around it.

Standing outside the earth, we can see a huge burning Mars, which is the sun that provides us with light and heat. Through continuous research and exploration, we have known that the temperature of the sun’s surface can reach 6000 degrees Celsius, and the internal temperature has reached an amazing tens of millions of degrees Celsius. And the mass of the sun accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system.

The sun is an absolute Big Mac for the solar system. It is the real boss of the solar system. For this boss, with the continuous development of science and technology, our understanding of it is also improving. At the same time, we are afraid and worried about the sun. Some people may say that the sun has existed for more than 5 billion years. What are we afraid of?

In the eyes of the ancients, the sun is just a burning fireball, rising East and setting west every day, bringing sunshine and warmth. However, when mankind enters the era of science and technology, with the continuous improvement of the sun’s cognition, we know that the sun can bring hope to the earth, but also can bring destruction to the earth. We all know that the solar wind is a very terrible radiation, and a powerful solar storm is a disaster for the scientific and technological civilization.

As early as the end of Ming Dynasty, the earth encountered a super solar storm. At that time, the whole sky was red for nine days. At that time, people were afraid to see this terrible vision, but they didn’t know what it was. But today, we know that it is a super solar storm. Once this kind of solar storm happens in modern times, it will be a terrible disaster. It will cause great damage to all kinds of electrical technology products.

And as time goes on, the sun will continue to expand, and the temperature will continue to rise. At that time, the earth will face the disaster brought by the sun, so some people came up with the idea of cooling the sun, and even friends with big brain holes expect to be able to put out the sun. If human beings need to put out the sun one day, how can we do it? There may be only one way to do it.

In fact, the topic of putting out the sun has been discussed on the Internet, and many netizens have also put forward their own conjecture methods. For example, some friends suggest that you can use a large amount of water to put out the sun. We should know that hydrogen and oxygen are two common factors in the universe, so water is not a scarce substance in the universe, but a common substance.

Many objects far away from the stars have a lot of water, but they are all formed in solid state. Take the solar system for example, although the earth’s surface is rich in liquid water, compared with several moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the earth’s water is really nothing. There are also a large number of objects with frozen water on the edge of the solar system.

So someone proposed that we can move a large number of water planets to impact the sun, so that we can extinguish the sun by relying on the continuous flow of water. Is this method feasible? The answer is No. The reason is not complicated. The burning of the sun is different from that of our traditional fossil energy. Traditional combustion needs fossil materials and oxygen to support combustion. In this case, as long as we isolate the air, we can extinguish the fire. The principle of extinguishing the fire with water is that the fire can be extinguished by isolating the contact between oxygen and fire with water.

However, the combustion of the sun is nuclear fusion combustion, the main material needed is hydrogen, it does not need oxygen combustion. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. When we water the sun, water decomposes into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which not only can’t extinguish the sun, but also provide more fuel for the nuclear fusion of the sun, making the nuclear fusion of the sun change dramatically and burning longer. Therefore, to water the sun is to add fuel to the fire, no matter how much water is used.

Some people think of using nuclear weapons to attack the sun. In fact, this method does not work. Let’s not say whether the nuclear bomb can really enter the sun and explode. Even if it enters, its explosion can only be an aid to the nuclear fusion of the sun. It can not extinguish the sun, but will provide fuel for the sun.

Maybe someone thought of hitting the sun with another star or a giant planet. Can such an impact extinguish the sun? In fact, it can’t be done. Scientists have also observed and found some star impact events with astronomical telescopes. Such impact can not extinguish the star, on the contrary, it will increase the mass of the star and make its nuclear fusion reaction more intense.

None of the above methods can extinguish the sun. Does that mean that the sun cannot be extinguished by external force? In fact, it’s not. There’s a way to do it, which is to use black holes. The reason why the sun burns is because of its internal nuclear fusion reaction, and the raw material of nuclear fusion combustion is hydrogen. There’s only one way to stop nuclear fusion, which is to absorb hydrogen from the fuel, and the skill of black holes is powerful phagocytosis.

As long as we put a black hole inside the sun, it can quickly devour the hydrogen in it. Without combustion, the nuclear fusion reaction will automatically stop. At that time, the sun will stop burning and be extinguished by us. Of course, using black holes to extinguish the sun is only a theoretical feasibility. No one knows what the real situation is.

And if you want to carry out this experiment, you can’t rely on the natural black hole in the universe. You have to make an artificial black hole and put it in the sun to observe it. However, human beings know very little about black holes, and they don’t know what the essence of black holes is. Only when we fully understand black holes can we create small black holes through the power of science and technology.

Thus, it can be seen that the extinction of the sun may only be what people suspect, but it may not be possible in reality. Even if we can do it one day, can we extinguish the sun? Without the burning of the sun, the earth will become a frozen world, life can not survive, human beings can not survive.

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