How to kill mosquitoes? Experts say: human blood can do it

Mosquito is one of the most troublesome creatures. The buzzing sound disturbs people’s dreams, not to say, the place where the tea poison is itching madly! What’s more, it can spread a well-known disease, yes, malaria.

British researchers have done a study: let our blood “poison” mosquitoes.

To develop new ways to control malaria, they used drugs in Kenya to make human blood lethal to mosquitoes. The researchers asked 47 volunteers to take 600 mg of high-dose ivermectin daily for three days. Then they collected blood samples and fed them to mosquitoes. Ivermectin can resist river blindness and elephantiasis caused by parasitic infection. In the latest issue of the Lancet Infectious Diseases, they made it clear that the mosquito killing toxicity would last about 28 days in volunteers. After feeding mosquitoes for two weeks, the mosquito mortality rate reached 97%.

The researchers asked another group of 48 volunteers to take 300 mg of ivermectin. In the same experiment, the mosquito mortality rate was reduced.

According to the researchers, the volunteers had been infected with mosquito borne malaria and had no side effects. The study shows that high doses of ivermectin can make human blood lethal to mosquitoes, which may help curb the spread of mosquito bite borne diseases.

The researchers pointed out after the study that all drugs are resistant, of course, this ivermectin, volunteers eat ivermectin, as long as within 28 days, blood will reduce mosquito survival rate. Volunteers take ivermectin 300 micrograms per kilogram of body weight every day for three consecutive days, which can achieve better drug efficacy and tolerance.

If this research is successful, we can not only save countless people struggling on the edge of the disease, but also live in the mountains on a hot summer night, bathe in the cool wind with the fragrance of flowers and leaves, and have a good dream!

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