How to live forever? Nearly 100 scientists work together to study that human beings may become “robots” in the future

Immortality means to live and die together with the world. This is the goal that many people once pursued. From the pursuit of the elixir of immortality by the first emperor of Qin Dynasty in ancient times to various researches in modern biological sciences, all of them show the strong desire of human beings for immortality.

Modern science has long pointed out that life goes by with the decline of cells, which is an irreversible natural law. However, when human beings know this truth, they are even more inspired to break this natural law. For example, some scientists are studying how to make cells stop aging or slow down aging, so as to keep cells active, so that people will not get old. And some scientists are studying what is the essence of human beings, how to extract the essence of human beings and transfer it to the eternal material, so that the essence and material of human beings can live for a long time. The research of these technologies and theories has never stopped, and the pursuit of immortality has never stopped.

Nowadays, in the era of advanced science and technology in the 21st century, robots are no longer a dream. Even if people are not as intelligent as they are, they have changed from imagination to reality. And scientists who study immortality have found a way to turn human beings into robots. Will human beings live forever? Theoretically speaking, the human body can be abandoned. The function of the body is to keep the human body alive and to maintain and accommodate the human mind and consciousness. Therefore, if the mind and consciousness are extracted and replaced with another body, then the person is still the same person, only the appearance has changed.

Russia’s dmitrikov proposed an immortality plan, also known as the “Avatar” plan, which has hundreds of scientists participating in. The immortality plan is to make the memory, consciousness and thought of human body into chips, and then implant them into the robot. When the robot is started, its memory, consciousness and thought are the same as those of living people. The life length of a robot is the life length of a person. If a robot can live forever, it can live forever. From the perspective of immortality, this project is a new theory based on the existing scientific and technological foundation, which is also one of the easiest ways to realize human science and technology.

Therefore, in the future, maybe people in the streets are immortal robots. And the robot does not need to eat and sleep, as long as it has the energy to maintain activity, it can move freely. Of course, it also avoids the pain of disease and cell metabolism. With only new parts and efficient auxiliary parts, life will become extremely easy and comfortable. This is the future of the robot world. People are looking forward to it, looking forward to it, and maybe some people are afraid of it. Some people say that the boredom of longevity is more terrible than death. Some people say that the era of robots will obliterate the human nature and feelings between people, which is not the real person. When judging the good and bad of immortality, no one knows. Only through experience can we know the result.

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