How to protect the privacy of female astronauts living in space? The method is not complicated

The universe is vast and vast. Since the first man-made satellite, manned space has entered the agenda. At this time, astronauts have become the focus of people’s attention. It is not so easy to become an astronaut. Physical and psychological qualities need to be excellent. Astronauts are generally selected from excellent pilots.

We will find that the early astronauts are basically male, which may be related to the fact that the physical quality of female is not as strong as that of male. Another point is the comparison of female’s “privacy”. There are many inconveniences for female and male astronauts to go to space. However, with the continuous progress of space technology, female astronauts are gradually emerging, but relatively speaking, male astronauts are still the main ones Mainly.

China’s space industry started relatively slowly, but its development is very fast. Six years ago, China’s shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft entered space, marking a new chapter in China’s space exploration. At that time, there were three astronauts aboard shenzhou-9, including a female astronaut, Liu Yang, who was known boldly and was also China’s first astronaut Empty female astronaut.

At that time, this beautiful astronaut after 70 became the focus of Chinese people’s attention. We all know that female astronauts are also very rare in the world’s space. Our country is also a bold attempt. Female astronauts are different from male astronauts. There are a lot of “privacy” that will bring a lot of inconvenience. So how can female astronaut Liu Yang overcome and solve this problem What about protecting your privacy?

In the past, astronauts all over the world were men. One reason is that women’s physical quality is not as good as men’s. what’s more important is that the internal space of our aircraft is narrow and the astronauts are tightly packed together. Women astronauts really have little convenience. However, with the continuous progress of Science and technology, the aircraft is becoming more and more advanced, and the internal space is gradually widened All kinds of facilities are constantly improving. At this time, there is a space to protect women’s “privacy”, and women astronauts also begin to appear in people’s vision. Although women astronauts are not as good as men in physical quality, they are better than men in some aspects, such as women’s careful observation, subtle observation, complex space environment, and sometimes a small mistake and inattention may bring them The terrible consequence is that men are sometimes careless, while women can just make up for the shortcomings of men.

Liu Yang is China’s first female astronaut in space, so how does she cleverly protect some of her special “privacy”? First, sleep. Whether on earth or in space, people need to sleep, sleep can be a good supplement to physical strength. If it’s all male astronauts, sleeping is easy to explain, and there’s nothing to avoid, but it’s different with female astronauts. Liu Yang will arrange a separate small bed in the space capsule, and there is a “bed curtain” to separate men and women. In addition, on the bed where the female astronauts sleep, there will also be a humanized small cabinet with some daily skin care products and hygiene products, which is a very considerate service.

Another problem is bathing. For men, it’s nothing if they don’t bathe for a few months during the space mission, but women love to be clean. If they don’t bathe for a long time, they will feel uncomfortable. But space is weightless, any problem is floating upward, water is no exception, and water is very precious in space, it can’t let you waste a lot of water for bathing.

Male astronauts don’t care about this, but it may be a little uncomfortable for women not to take a bath. Besides being an astronaut, Liu Yang is also a woman. It’s a woman’s nature to love beauty. However, China’s aerospace designers are very considerate. Naturally, they think of this problem. They don’t want to take a bath, but they can take a bath in a special way. The designer specially gives a bath to aerospace designers The staff is equipped with a kind of disinfectant special material wet towel, which can achieve the function of cleaning the body and is very comfortable to use.

In addition to bathing, women also need to wash their hair frequently. In space, they are specially equipped with a special no wash shampoo. Pour it on a special towel, rub it gently with their hands, and add a small amount of water to complete the shampoo. Of course, in the special environment of weightlessness in space, whether it’s bathing or hair washing, certainly can’t compare with on earth, but as an excellent astronaut, Liu Yang can naturally overcome these difficulties.

Finally, there is another problem: going to the toilet. If all the astronauts are male, only one toilet will do. But if there are female astronauts, they need to be equipped with two types of toilets, both male and female, and they are separate. It can be seen that once there are female astronauts on the spacecraft, designers will specially design some equipment and devices that can protect women’s privacy.

Although the number of female astronauts is still relatively small, with the continuous progress of human space science and technology, the future spacecraft will be more and more advanced, and there will be more and more internal space. Moreover, there will be gravity devices inside the future spacecraft, so that it will have the same gravity environment as the earth. This time is the real spacecraft. At this time, the number of female astronauts will also increase greatly, and each astronaut will have a separate rest room, and the life of astronauts is no different from that on earth.

Spaceships like those in science fiction movies are not dreams in the future. Sooner or later, human beings will fly out of the solar system and the Milky way to explore the mysteries of the universe. I believe this day will not be too far away. What do you think of the privacy protection of female astronauts? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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