How to realize space travel? Here are four ways to travel in space. Hold your chin and learn about it

With the development of people’s economy, China Travel and world travel are everywhere. For us, tourism has been integrated into our daily life. In recent years, all countries are also striving to develop the space industry. Xiaobian is very confident that in the near future, human landing on Mars will be realized.

So, for you now, seeing the continuous improvement of space technology, have you ever considered space travel?

Looking up at the starry sky at night, I can’t help falling into the reverie of traveling in space. If I can really travel in space, I’m sure there will be an unprecedented experience. I can not only enjoy weightlessness, but also see the novel and exciting space scenery. I think it’s very beautiful.

At present, space travel is divided into four ways: parabolic flight of aircraft, high-altitude flight close to space, suborbital flight and orbital flight. Now let’s learn more about it!

Space travel route 1: parabolic flight

Parabolic flight is not really space tourism. Why do you say that? Because it can only make tourists feel weightless, and only half a minute of experience.

As we all know, one of the necessary skills of astronauts is to be able to overcome the problem of weightlessness in order to complete the mission in space. However, the training site is definitely not in space, so we need to be able to simulate the weightlessness environment. Parabolic flight is one of the weightlessness environments simulated by astronauts during training.

Through the parabolic flight of the aircraft, it moves in an elliptical orbit around the earth’s center of mass in about 22 seconds. During the period of entering the elliptical orbit, it can obtain a microgravity environment of plus or minus 0.05g.

If you want to experience it, you can take the “Il-76” and other planes used for Russian astronaut training to experience the half minute weightlessness brought by parabolic flight. Of course, it’s also expensive, about $5000.

Space travel route 2: high altitude flight

High altitude flight is to let tourists fly to an altitude of about 24 kilometers from the ground, which is close to space. Looking down, you can see the terrain curve of the earth at your feet. Looking up, you can see the dark sky overhead, and feel the boundless space environment.

Although this is not a real sense of space tourism, but it can let tourists experience the feeling of high altitude. High altitude travel tools include Russia’s “MiG-25” and “MiG-31” high-performance fighters, and the cost of space travel by them is about $10000.

Space travel route 3: suborbital flight

To understand suborbital flight, we need to know where the suborbital is first?

Suborbital is also known as near space or air space transition zone, generally refers to the area 20 km ~ 100 km from the ground, which is the highest flight altitude of the aircraft and the lowest orbit altitude of the satellite. In addition to space travel, this area is also used for intelligence collection, reconnaissance and surveillance, communication support, air to ground operations, etc.

Suborbital flight can produce a sense of weightlessness for a few minutes. During the time when the rocket engine goes out and re enters the atmosphere, it can produce a sense of weightlessness for a few minutes, so as to achieve the purpose of space travel experience. The U.S. private manned spaceship “spaceship 1” and Russia’s planned “c-xxi” tourism spaceship can be used, and the cost of this kind of space tourism is about $100000.

Space travel route 4: orbital flight

Orbital flight is the most active area for human space activities. This is very different for the first three ways, because it can be regarded as a real space travel, and the ticket price for this trip is as high as $20 million.

The biggest difference between orbital flight and suborbital flight is that the launch speed of suborbital flight cannot reach the first cosmic speed needed to orbit the earth, so it cannot orbit the earth once.

After watching these four ways of space travel, do you feel surging? For ordinary people today, space travel is a project that can only be experienced by those rich people. However, Xiaobian believes that with the rapid development of science and technology, this travel route will be developed, and it will no longer be a fantasy to go to heaven.

Which of the four ways of space travel are you more interested in? Welcome to comment area.

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