How to realize the interstellar migration? Mexican experts put forward: through the “curvature spacecraft” to achieve

We all know that in the next few hundred million years, the habitable zone of the solar system will move outward, and the earth will no longer be in the habitable zone suitable for life. What should we do? If you start looking for a new home, what problems will you face?

As the sun grows older and becomes a red giant, the red giant sun will become hotter and hotter, and will continue to expand, gradually devouring mercury, Venus, and even the earth, and the distant Jupiter may not be able to escape.

Jupiter’s surface atmosphere will be blown away by the solar wind. The world hidden in Jupiter’s surface atmosphere may be shown to us for the first time. Europa and Callisto, the thick ice layer will thaw, and the liquid ocean under the surface may return to the surface, and begin to evaporate, rapidly producing the greenhouse effect. If there had been life breeding in these oceans before, now would be a good opportunity for prosperity and evolution.

Similarly, these moons of Jupiter will be our ideal new home. Unfortunately, this kind of livability can only be a temporary lodging, because one day, the sun will completely run out of fuel.

You may ask, why don’t we just find a new home where we can live for a long time? And it can live for hundreds of millions of years.

To find such a new home, we need to go further and spend more time. These are very difficult things. At present, we have found all planets similar to earth 2.0, which is not so reliable, just because our telescope resolution is not so high, so we need super telescope to replace us in searching for targets.

It can not only see the new world tens of thousands of light-years away and distinguish the composition of the atmosphere there, because molecules have specific color characteristics. By analyzing these spectra, we can know whether it is suitable for us to live there.

In addition, we can also see the past through the super telescope because the speed of light is limited. When we observe any star through the space telescope, we can see what it used to look like, just like the sun we saw before 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

Imagine if I had another civilization looking at us with a super telescope 5000 light-years away, maybe it could see the construction of the pyramids in Egypt. Now that we have the ability to find the target planet for immigrants, how can we get there?

We need to be able to carry all human beings, the longest lasting spacecraft in history, because the nearest star, the nearby star, is 4.2 light-years away from us. For Voyager 1, the fastest aircraft of human beings, it will take at least 70000 years to get there.

It’s just the nearest star in the galaxy. For this reason, we have racked our brains. For example, we want to wander around the earth, but it turns out that this is like collective suicide. The earth is not a good spaceship. Besides, we have found a planet suitable for survival, and we need more spaceships faster to maximize the probability of human beings reaching their destination.

These sails are several kilometers in diameter, but they are very light and thin, 1000 times thinner than garbage bags. In vacuum space, when photons are carried on these sails, they will provide power to the spacecraft, and constantly accelerate the spacecraft, making them approach the speed of light. When we are far away from the sun and the light is dim, the laser can help us to continue to accelerate. This method allows us to reach the nearest earth like planet, neighbor B, in only 20 years.

Neighbor B is located in the habitable zone of its star. However, we do not know whether it is suitable for life or whether it has a magnetic field to protect life. Moreover, because neighbor B is very close to the star, it is likely to be locked by the tide.

That is to say, the other side is always hot day, the other side is endless night, so we can only live in the black and white junction, although it is not our ideal destination, but the stable star system can let us live here for trillions of years, so the temptation is quite big.

The gravity of neighboring star B is about 10% greater than that of the earth. For human beings, it’s a problem. It’s equivalent to gaining 10 jin.

But these are the best results. The reality is always the backbone. We have a good chance to continue wandering in the universe, so we need faster spaceships. So a mathematical physicist in Mexico, akuberi, proposed a new type of spaceship curvature spaceship.

Curvature spaceship is inspired by the American science fiction Star Trek, and imagine a kind of spaceship, hundreds of light-years away, only minutes. However, does it not mean that the speed of light can not be surpassed?

In fact, the curvature engine did not exceed the speed of light, nor did it break the laws of physics. It was not our curvature spacecraft that moved, but the universe. The spaceship itself will be enclosed in its own bubble. In that bubble, it will not violate any laws of physics, and then by distorting space-time, creating gravitational waves, compressing the space-time in front, and releasing it in the rear, it has achieved the effect of high-speed Star Trek.

However, it is not easy for curvature engine to realize it. The huge energy it needs has exceeded our current human cognition. Maybe in the near future, we can really turn it into reality! These are just a small step for us to immigrate into space. We still have many problems to face, such as how to prevent cosmic radiation, how to survive on a new planet, how to live equally with other civilizations in this universe, and so on.

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