How to see through a person’s IQ in 10 seconds? Scientist: look at your waist!

Everyone has heard of “people should not judge by their appearance”, right? This sentence tells us not to judge people by their appearance, because only after real contact can you really feel the excellence and character of the other party.

But scientists don’t think so. In their research, a lot of information can be learned from a person’s appearance. The following Xiaobian will show you how to see through a person’s IQ in 10 seconds.

The first second, through the head to see through a person’s IQ

We look at a person’s head for the first second. After the research of scientists, it is found that people with larger brains usually have larger brains, more abundant neurons, lower density of neurons and stronger computing power.

The second second, through looking at the face to see through a person’s IQ

It’s not only the brain, but also the five senses and IQ.

Face shape is usually regarded as the most intuitive embodiment of beauty and ugliness. It’s strange to associate face shape with IQ.

Some experts say that people with heart-shaped faces have outstanding creativity. People with square and triangular faces are more logical and success oriented. People with diamond faces are perfectionists. People with oval faces are warm and gentle. People with round faces know how to care for others.

The third second, by looking at the forehead to see through a person’s IQ

It’s not only the shape of the face, but also the appearance of a high IQ. According to physiognomy in China, having a forehead five fingers wide means having a high IQ. This kind of person has a strong learning ability and can always complete tasks faster than others.

The fourth second, through the eyes to see through a person’s IQ

As the saying goes, the eye is the window of the soul, but in the eyes of scientists, the eye is not only so, it is the window to see through the level of intelligence.

And people with blue eyes generally have high IQ, such as the great British physicist Stephen Hawking, who has a pair of dark blue eyes.

The fifth second, through the nose to see through a person’s IQ

In the 19th century, there was a very interesting pseudoscience called rhinology. At that time, nasal experts tried to associate certain personality traits with the shape of a person’s nose.

For example, Roman nose or hooked nose are generally regarded as a sign of intelligence, and these people are especially good at making decisions. In addition, people with straight noses prefer art. People with wide nostrils are not only serious, but also have profound cognitive ability.

The sixth second, through the lips to see through a person’s IQ

Besides the nose, the lips are also related to IQ.

Experts in the Czech Republic did a study in which they took 40 pictures of men and women and tested their IQ. Experts wanted to find a link between their appearance and brain power, and finally found that women have no obvious characteristics, but men with thin lips are all high intellectuals.

The seventh second, through the chin to see through a person’s IQ

The Czech study mentioned above not only tested the relationship between mouth and IQ, but also jaw. They also came to the conclusion that smart men generally have sharp and clean jaws, while people with large jaws have relatively low IQ and slow reaction ability.

The eighth second, through the ear to see through a person’s IQ

In addition to the chin, the ear can also see through a person’s IQ. According to research, people with asymmetric ears may be more intelligent.

In 2012, British scientists found that people with longer earlobes on one side than on the other would be better leaders. Because these people will put others first and use their brains to make the world a better place.

The ninth second, through the hand to see through a person’s IQ

We all know that people have two hands, so they are either left-handed or right-handed. Of course, there are also some geniuses who can easily switch between two hands to live. But generally speaking, people who are left-handed often have a larger corpus callosum (the corpus callosum is a bundle of fibers connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain).

Having a larger corpus callosum means they can process information more quickly, and their right brain is more developed, so left-handed people have relatively high IQ.

It’s not just left-handed. A study published in the British Journal of psychology also shows that boys with smaller index fingers usually do better at math, but girls have to have smaller index and ring fingers to be smarter.

The 10th second, through the waist to see through a person’s IQ

You know what? You can see through a person’s IQ by looking at his waist. Women all over the world want to be thin waisted and full buttocks, but researchers have found that women born with this figure are smarter.

American researchers have observed and studied about 16000 women. They found that the greater the difference between the waist and buttocks, the smarter the women are. In fact, this is due to higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve people’s mental ability. These fatty acids also help hourglass shaped women improve the intelligence of their fetuses during pregnancy.

Have you learned how to see through a person’s IQ in 10 seconds? Are you a wise man? Welcome to comment area.

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