How were the first people born on earth? The answer scientists give is this

The earth is a life planet rich in species, in addition to a large number of all kinds of life, there are also intelligent human life. With the birth of human beings, the earth has been upgraded from an ordinary life planet to a civilized planet. Since human beings began their glorious road of evolution and growth. Nowadays, with the help of science and technology, human beings have gone out of the earth to explore the universe and the mysteries of life.

To ask what is the most mysterious in the universe, I believe many people will say that it is the birth and evolution of life. Yes, the mystery of life is the most mysterious thing in the universe. Although human science and technology are advanced and can create a lot of things, we can’t create a grain of rice. Don’t underestimate a grain of rice. It contains the mystery of life. If human want to create a grain of rice, we need to master the mystery of life.

Human beings are advanced life and intelligent life. Scientists have been studying and exploring the mystery of the birth of human beings. Someone once asked the question: how were the first people born on earth? Some people may say: why wasn’t the first person born on earth? As a matter of fact, there are mistakes in the first person. No life is likely to come from one person, but from one group to another. Therefore, the earliest human beings born on the earth should be from one group to another, not from one.

So how did the first people on earth come into being? In fact, scientists have no definite answer to this question. The birth of any life will take a long time. The earliest life on earth must be some simple single cell life. Later, it evolved into multicellular life, and then gradually evolved into various complex organisms.

Human is also a kind of life, and it must evolve step by step from the most primitive single cell life to multi cell life, then to complex life, and finally to human ancestors. It’s a very long evolutionary process. It’s also Darwin’s theory of evolution. Whether it’s a person or a bird, the first life is a single cell life, which evolved step by step.

Of course, the earliest human beings we studied and discussed on the earth could not have explored so far. The cellular life that might have given birth to human beings appeared hundreds of millions of years ago. Scientists say that the emergence of the first human beings on Earth actually refers to Homo sapiens, who are the ancestors of modern human beings. Through a large number of archaeological discoveries, scientists have found that human beings evolved from apes. As early as several hundred thousand years ago, a classified ape began to walk down from trees, began to walk upright, and gradually learned to use fire and tools.

Scientists have discovered through archaeology that apes came out hundreds of thousands of years ago. Is this the ancestor of human beings and the earliest Homo sapiens on earth? Later, through new archaeological explorations, scientists found that in fact, these earlier anthropoid apes, such as the caveman, actually died out very early. They may not be the direct ancestors of human beings, but the direct ancestors of modern human beings may have originated in Africa.

Scientists have also found some early intelligent skulls in Africa and other places. Through these archaeological discoveries, more and more scientists believe that the immediate ancestors of human beings may be the early Homo sapiens originated in Africa. They appeared about 70000 years ago, and may be the earliest group of human beings on earth. Why did our immediate ancestors originate in Africa?

This may be related to the fact that Africa was rich in grassland resources 70000 years ago. Although Africa is a very poor place in our eyes, Africa is rich in all kinds of resources. Africa is still rich in resources. There are many reasons why Africans are still so poor despite their abundant resources. We will not discuss this topic.

Tens of thousands of years ago, Africa was both a resource rich region, and the vegetation was prosperous. Therefore, the first group of human beings who evolved from ape to Homo sapiens began to multiply in Africa, and the population was increasing. With the increase of population, the vegetation of African grassland has been destroyed, gradually from prosperous to barren.

At this time, in order to meet the needs of survival and to survive, African Homo sapiens had to start to expand outward and spread out of Africa to all parts of the world. Of course, it took human ancestors to walk out of Africa, and in the process of continuous diffusion, they would encounter all kinds of dangers. So it took tens of thousands of years for human ancestors to spread from Africa to all parts of the world, and the hardships were unimaginable.

That’s why scientists think the first humans on earth appeared in Africa. Of course, whether the answer is correct or not, scientists need to find more evidence in the future. Focusing on the evolution and birth of human beings, there are still many mysteries. For example, why did dinosaurs, who have lived on earth for 160 million years, not give birth to wisdom, but humans, who have only given birth to wisdom for millions of years?

There have been various discussions on this issue in the scientific community, and scientists have no definite answer. Why is human being so special and able to give birth to wisdom in such a short time. It’s difficult for a life to grow into intelligent life from birth to evolution in millions of years. Dinosaurs didn’t do it in 160 million years. However, there are still life species on the earth that have existed for hundreds of millions of years, and they still haven’t given birth to wisdom. Why are humans so special? This has always been a big mystery in the scientific community.

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