Hubble telescope to see “city of God”? Contrary to gravitation, will it affect human beings

In the early 1990s, the Hubble Space Telescope, launched in the name of astronomer Edwin Hubble, became an important tool for human beings to further understand the universe. With the launch of the space shuttle into the space station, it has undertaken a major mission to change the fate of mankind since its birth.

Because just three years after the Hubble Space Telescope went into space, it discovered a magic thing. When taking photos, scientists happened to find a mountain in the vast universe. Thanks to the super-high magnification of the telescope, our vision is very clear, and we can see the mountain blooming quietly in space. In the silent space, the brilliant light makes people yearn for the mysterious city of God. The city is billions of kilometers long. Through careful analysis and comparison of data from telescopes, scientists found that the city of God is not bound by any planets or other objects in the universe. This discovery is contrary to the theory of universal gravitation, which is incredible.

1、 Did Hubble actually photograph the city of God?

The universe can be said to be boundless. Up to now, human beings have not seen what the boundary of the universe is. The universe is the general term of time and space in the minds of scientists. Many people say that the Hubble telescope has photographed the city of God. God exists because people have found the palace of God in the universe, but there are also many people who oppose the existence of the theory of God.

In fact, God is a Western Christian belief. In Eastern Buddhism, people do not worship God excessively. Moreover, in Western religious belief, everything of man is created by God. God is like the mother of man. Without God, there would be no glorious human being today. Therefore, many people ask whether God really exists. Is God really the mother of all mankind? In fact, according to the scientific concept of the new era, God absolutely does not exist. God can be regarded as the religious belief of human beings, but not as the mother of human beings.

As a result, the city of God certainly does not exist. The universe is so vast that the photos taken must be varied. The Hubble telescope is a very special telescope in the history of the world. It is very far away from us. However, many people may mistakenly think that the Hubble telescope has actually photographed the city of God. In fact, the city of God is just a galaxy similar to the castle in the universe, and it may even be there Some photos about the city of God were repaired later, so people don’t have to worry about whether God really exists. God can only be regarded as an inner belief.

2、 If the city of God really exists, what impact will it have on human beings?

If there is really a castle inhabited by God in the universe, its impact on human beings is very small. First, it is very far away from the earth. Second, human civilization has lasted for thousands of years on the earth, and has not been punished by God. There are hundreds of countries and billions of people on the earth, who have been safely existing and moving forward, and we have done nothing to influence the universe What’s more, human beings have always regarded God as their belief, so they will not do anything to the earth.

The most important point is that human beings can regard God as their own belief, but they can never expect that God really exists.

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