Human beings appeared 3.8 billion years ago? How can human bone fossils be ignored? But is it really the case?

3.8-billion-year-old human bone fossils, have humans appeared long ago? Is there any basis for this?

The origin and evolution of human beings on the earth has always been a major issue in science. Recently, it is said that human bone fossils from 3.8 billion years ago have been discovered. Did human beings appear when the earth was just born? If this human bone fossil is true, it really comes from 3.8 billion years ago, then the theory of evolution will be rewritten, many theories will be overthrown, and human history will be rewritten.

3.8-billion-year-old fossil human bones?

So far, the oldest fossil we have found is only the ape man fossil millions of years ago. What is the human bone fossil found 3.8 billion years ago? There was no life on the earth 3.8 billion years ago. Even if there was life, their body structure was very simple. It was a kind of microorganism called cyanobacteria. Because the oldest fossil found 3.7 billion years ago is from cyanobacteria. So scientists estimate that hundreds of millions of years after the birth of the earth, these organisms with simple body structure will appear on the earth. As a kind of fungi, they are small in size and can only be seen with the help of instruments. So where does this bone come from?

In the pictures circulated on the Internet, it can be seen that these bones are very similar to human teeth and mandible. How did they identify that the bones came from 3.8 billion years ago? Can they come up with relevant evidence?

Evolution of life on earth

In the scientific community, it is generally believed that the real multicellular body on the earth and the complex organisms only appeared in the Cambrian period 540 million years ago. Therefore, scientists believe that this is a watershed. The organism is no longer a single cell organism, but the body has become very complex and visible to the naked eye. These creatures that appeared 540 million years ago have nothing to do with human beings, and they can’t compete with human ancestors. The earliest multicellular organisms appeared 540 million years ago, which is far from 3.8 billion years ago.

The oldest mammal fossil found in history comes from 160 million years ago. Only eight million years ago did our ancestors and chimpanzees evolve into two complete species, and our ancestors began to walk out of the woods. Intelligent people came out of Africa 200000 years ago, so scientists believe that Africa is the birthplace of modern human civilization.

From the whole history of human evolution, we can see that the possibility of life born 3.8 billion years ago is almost zero. Therefore, scientists believe that this is absolutely a fake information, and at present, human beings can not find more accurate information. Some people speculate that the discovery of life is not as simple as we think. Is it possible that it is the evidence left by aliens after they once arrived on earth? What do you think of this?

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