Human beings are about to face three catastrophes. Once they go wrong, civilization will be eliminated!

Human beings are about to face three catastrophes. Once they go wrong, civilization will be eliminated!

Human beings can be said to be the lucky ones of the earth. It took only a few million years to become the master of the earth. It took no effort, and it was longer than dinosaurs. All living things on the earth have evolved over a long period of time. During this period, there have been many mass extinctions. It can be seen how difficult it is for human civilization to develop so far. It is precisely because human beings have independent thinking brains that they have enough capital.

Human beings live a comfortable life every day. The earth provides abundant resources and suitable environment, which are indispensable for human beings. Human beings have been lying in their own comfort zone. When they come back, they say that they have not contributed anything to the earth, but are blindly destroying the earth. Scientists predict that human beings will face three fatal threats in the future. If they can’t resist, they can only be eliminated So what are the three threats? Human beings are about to face three catastrophes. Once they go wrong, civilization will be eliminated!

Three catastrophes facing mankind in the future

The first one is asteroid impact, which is a kind of natural disaster. Many people always believe that the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago was caused by asteroid impact. Only asteroid has such great power. Scientists have found that every 40 million years, there will be a mass extinction on the earth. Scientists are observing the threat of space all the time and are well prepared. If a massive asteroid enters the orbit of the earth, nine times out of ten, mankind will be finished.

The second is the environmental problem, which has reached the point of no delay. In recent years, natural disasters have increased frequently, and environmental problems have become worse and worse. Global warming, marine pollution and so on are all human actions that damage the earth. Although many countries have established conventions to protect the environment, few people can really put them into action. Human beings still let their own desires do whatever they want. If this continues, the earth will be destroyed sooner or later, and human beings will end up like dinosaurs.

Finally, artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a high technology. At present, it is in the primary stage, but its contribution to mankind is very huge. It not only improves work efficiency, but also makes everything more convenient. Scientists predict that artificial intelligence will be widely used in the future, but it also faces many problems. Artificial intelligence can only be carried out under the premise of human operation. If one day it gets rid of human control and has the consciousness and wisdom of independent thinking, then what should human take to compete with it? Perhaps it is no longer human beings who dominate the earth, but artificial intelligence. Human beings can only be at their disposal, which is very terrible.

These problems perplex scientists. Scientists worry about the fate of human beings all the time. The fate is in their own hands. In the final analysis, these threats are all caused by human beings. Although asteroid impact is inevitable, artificial intelligence and environmental problems can be solved by human beings, but we don’t think so. It’s very sad to see the three major problems in the future What do you think of the threat? You can leave a message for interaction.

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