Human beings are in a four-dimensional space, and even if they face us in a five dimensional space, we can’t find it

There has been a saying about parallel universe since ancient times. According to the Buddhist Scripture, the world can be divided into small world (one day and one moon is a small world, that is, the solar system), small thousand world (one thousand small worlds), medium thousand world (one thousand small worlds) and large thousand world (one thousand medium thousand worlds, collectively called three thousand big thousand worlds, one Buddha earth). As far as current knowledge is concerned, a small world is a solar system; countless small worlds make up the galaxy (small thousand worlds); countless galaxies make up the nebula cluster (middle thousand worlds); countless star clusters make up the universe (big thousand worlds). Then the three thousand worlds are parallel universes. But the vision of Buddha does not stop here, saying that the number of three thousand worlds is as infinite as the amount of sand in the Ganges River.

In Buddhism, there is more than one universe. In every universe, there are as many objects of different sizes and shapes as the sand in the Ganges. These celestial bodies all go through the process of being, living, being bad and being empty (Big Bang). Some celestial bodies have light, some have no light, some have living things, some have no living things.

It can be seen that the mystery of the universe has been detected in ancient times. The development of modern physics has further confirmed the existence of parallel universe. The universe is pluralistic. We are only one of the universes. We are in the four-dimensional space. Even if we face to face in another parallel universe, we can’t see it, but sometimes we feel it. For example, we sometimes feel it When you see a certain scene, you will have a sense of deja vu, which is actually what happens in parallel time and space.

NASA installed alpha magnetic spectrometer-2 on the international space station, in order to prove the existence of parallel universe, looking for all kinds of data in the universe. However, it is found that some data are composed of some matter or antimatter. In this way, scientists are more interested.

So can we get to another universe? Because of the existence of magnetism and gravitation, it is impossible for us to enter the parallel universe by ourselves.

But there may be a situation here, that is, the soul of human beings. Modern science does not regard the existence of the soul as superstition in the past. Modern scientists also increasingly believe that the soul is real. The soul may be able to enter the parallel universe. Sometimes when we dream, the scene in the dream is very normal. When we wake up, we can’t tell whether it is the reality or the dream. In fact, this is what you experience when your soul passes through time and space and enters the parallel universe.

There are descriptions of the soul in the folk and even some Buddhist and Taoist Scriptures. These scriptures introduce that once a person dies, the soul will leave the body and enter another world. According to folklore, it is heaven or hell, but in fact it is another parallel universe. Maybe only the spirit can pass through the parallel universe.

For the study of parallel universe, modern science still needs a long way to go. After all, although science thinks it exists, it is very difficult to study it, unless one day we can freely go in and out of the parallel universe.

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