Human beings are in the barren no man’s land of the universe. Only when they go out can they not be alone

Human beings were born millions of years ago. Our ancestors once regarded the earth as the center of the universe. They thought that the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky all revolved around the earth. However, with the advent of human science and technology, people have more knowledge of the universe. Only then do they know that the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth.

With the continuous progress of human science and technology, astronomical detection equipment is more and more advanced, our exploration of the universe is more and more in-depth, and our cognition is also more and more up, but the more in-depth exploration of the universe, the more we will feel the insignificance of human beings and the confusion of the universe. In the Milky way, there are hundreds of billions of stars like the sun, hundreds of billions of galaxies, countless planets, and earth like planets like the earth.

The position of the solar system in the whole galaxy is relatively remote, which is equivalent to a country. You may think that our galaxy is the center of the universe. When the center of the galaxy must be very prosperous, you can continue to expand the observation range of the universe. At this time, you will find that the galaxy with a diameter of 150000 light years is just a drop in the ocean.

The larger galaxy of the Milky way is called the Virgo supercluster, which is hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter. In this cluster, there are hundreds of millions of galaxies like the Milky way. The Milky way is only a bright spot in this supercluster, and it is also a tiny existence. When you think the Virgo supercluster is the center of the universe, you will find that you are wrong again.

In 2013, some scientists put forward a bold idea that the universe is a chicken feather like fibrous structure composed of many super galaxy clusters, and the Virgo supercluster, where the galaxy is located, may just be at the end of this fibrous structure, surrounded by what scientists call cosmic holes, and the density of galaxies in these holes is higher than that of the others Other areas are much thinner, so scientists believe that humans are in the poorest part of the universe.

This year, at the 231st astronomical conference of the United States, some scientists found new evidence to prove the authenticity of these cosmic spaces, and pointed out that the diameter of this hole is up to 1 billion light years. If this is the case, the future of human beings will be very bad. It means that the resources around the cosmic position of human beings are scarce. More importantly, the number of alien civilizations may be extremely rare, which can also help us It can explain why human beings have not found the existence of extraterrestrial civilization for so many years.

The location of the earth in the universe is equivalent to the difference between deserts and big cities on the earth. There are few resources in deserts, and there are few people. If we can’t get out of deserts and develop in big cities, it must be a very bad thing. It’s not easy for a person on earth to get out of the desert, but it’s even more difficult to make people despair in the universe.

How long does it take for human beings to walk out of the barren areas of the universe and move towards the big cities with rich universe. As described by scientists, the Virgo supercluster of our galaxy is at the end of the fiber, that is to say, the entire Virgo supercluster is in the barren region of the universe. Only when we walk out of this supercluster can we enter the main end and then reach the rich region of the universe. The diameter of the Virgo supercluster is hundreds of millions of light-years, which means that humans have to walk at least hundreds of millions of light-years to enter the main road.

Hundreds of millions of light-years, what a hopeless distance. The diameter of the Milky way is only 150000 light-years. We all feel that we don’t know when we will be able to go out, and we dare not even think about hundreds of millions of light-years. This will be a huge challenge for human beings. Because the galaxy is so remote, it means that the number of existing civilizations will be very rare, and it is very unlikely that human beings will get help from some advanced civilizations.

Maybe the advanced civilizations in the galaxy are also worried about how to get out of the Virgo supercluster and go to the rich land of the universe. Only the rich land of the universe is the hope of civilization, and it can make a civilization develop faster. This is also the place that all civilizations in the universe yearn for. Maybe we can’t find alien civilizations now, but in the rich land of the universe, the number of alien civilizations will be different Changduo, and all powerful civilizations, may have come from other parts of the universe.

Human beings can only develop on their own now. The first step is to go to the center of the galaxy, which may also be a gathering place of the civilization of the galaxy. The most likely advanced civilization of the galaxy is to live near the center of the galaxy. Only when human civilization reaches the center of the galaxy and exchanges with other alien civilizations can it improve its civilization faster Level, and then there is hope to move towards a higher goal, and finally out of the infertile areas of the universe.

If we want to reach the center of the galaxy, we can’t fly at the speed of light. Only superluminal speed can we reach it, and superluminal speed is also a hope to get out of the barren areas of the universe. However, superluminal speed can also be divided into different grades. The primary superluminal speed can let us reach the center of the galaxy and get out of the galaxy, but we have to travel hundreds of millions of light years, and we may have to achieve high-grade superluminal speed.

Now we are far away from this goal. Human beings are only in a theoretical research stage for the speed of light flight. It may take many years to realize the speed of light flight, and superluminal flight is even more distant. However, human civilization is a great civilization that constantly creates miracles. We believe that in the future, we will be able to go out of the infertile areas of the universe and reach the rich areas for development And finally go to every corner of the universe. In ancient times, people thought that the earth would never be finished, but now we don’t have advanced means of transportation, which can easily travel to any corner of the earth. As long as there is a dream, there is a hope of realization through efforts.

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