Human beings can even develop nuclear weapons. Why can’t they produce a grain of rice? In fact, it is contained!

Human beings can develop nuclear weapons, but they can’t produce a grain of rice. What limits them?

The origin of human beings has always been an eternal problem. Where did the first life on earth come from? What is the meaning of human existence? These problems attract scientists to explore constantly, and some people have expressed different views, but there is no solid evidence, including creationism, exogenous life theory and so on. Many scientists have been born since ancient times. Their contributions to the scientific community are admirable, leaving many famous theories and more ideas for future generations.

Scientists do experiments to prove the theory

Miller once made an experiment to prove the theory of chemical origin. It put hydrogen, ammonia and steam in a vessel and electrified it. Unexpectedly, the vessel produced organic amino acids, which made Miller more convinced that everything in the world could be obtained through chemical reaction. Some theories have been directly negated, such as the theory of natural occurrence. Pasteur once conducted a gooseneck experiment to directly negate the theory of natural occurrence. Many people have always believed that life begins from scratch and ends. For example, a person from birth, means the beginning of life, but eventually towards extinction one day. Human beings can develop nuclear weapons, but they can’t produce a grain of rice. What limits them?

Since the development of science and technology, more and more people support the long abandoned creationism. We can’t deny the existence of ghosts and gods, but we can’t confirm their real existence. Ghosts and gods are like an unsolved mystery, which has puzzled scientists for many years. No matter how experiments are carried out, no exact answer can be obtained. In fact, in the process of development, human technological problems are also limited.

The reasons for the manufacture of nuclear weapons

Everyone must have heard of nuclear weapons. Their power is extraordinary, and their lethality is extremely strong. As long as they have been there, they will turn into ruins in an instant and cause countless casualties. Therefore, they are very cautious about the use of nuclear weapons. In order to highlight how strong their military capabilities are, each country will make every effort to develop nuclear weapons. It’s strange that since human beings can develop such powerful weapons, why can’t they produce a grain of rice?

Why can’t a grain of rice be made

A grain of rice is very small. It is indispensable for everyone. It can solve the problem of food and clothing. From a scientific point of view, a grain of rice is not as simple as expected. It is more complex than creating nuclear weapons. Why do you say that? Rice contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements, at least more than 20 kinds of substances. Even if human beings have found all the materials, they can not successfully develop a grain of rice. After all, life is very complex.

The key is DNA. Human beings can’t break through the DNA of a grain of rice, so there’s no way to make a grain of rice. Even if we gather all the materials, all we do is futile. If human beings can’t break the secret of DNA in the future, then human civilization will be stagnant and there will be no substantive breakthrough. Human beings are speeding up the pace of research on DNA coding, hoping to crack it one day. If we crack it, let alone a grain of rice, all materials can be created. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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