Human beings don’t belong to the earth at all? As the overlord of the earth, the physical quality is worse than that of animals

The research on the origin of human life has never stopped for thousands of years. The debate on modernity has become a system. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, natural selection of survival of the fittest exists, and human beings evolved from apes. But why don’t humans evolve now? Existing earth apes cannot evolve into humans. Is evolution as we know it wrong? An American expert made a shocking statement: after studying with many scientists, he found that the origin of human may not come from the earth. From 200000 to 60000 years ago, humans were sent to earth by aliens. Maybe humans are just trapped on earth by aliens!

Evidence that human beings do not belong to the earth

There have always been different opinions about the mystery of the origin of human beings, and even that human beings are not the indigenous people of the earth. Recently, many evidences have been exposed that human beings do not belong to the earth. It’s really chilling! For example, people often experience back pain, which suggests that people should evolve in a lower gravity environment.

The black backed skin formed by the solar radiation indicates that human beings come from a planet with a lower center of gravity. Human beings are vulnerable to the sun and have difficulties in childbirth. Sewell pointed out that although the earth meets many of the needs of human life, the physiological defects of the human race mean that it originated from other planets. People can’t stand the sun for a week or two, and lizards can be exposed to the sun every day. At the same time, humans are prone to get sick, which may be related to the previous sleep experts’ suggestion that the body’s biological clock is 25 hours.

The earth itself is unstable

Because of the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis on the earth, no life civilization can develop continuously for a long time. Every year, a large number of people are killed by natural disasters. And the earth is very far away from the galactic center and other important galactic civilizations, which is why it is difficult for human beings to find other alien civilizations, because the earth is probably the most suitable planet for human captivity carefully selected by aliens.

The physical quality of human beings is worse than that of animals

In addition to intelligence, human beings are far behind other animals on earth in body size and physical strength. Cheetahs and tigers, which have excellent physical fitness on earth, can easily capture human beings as prey. It is precisely because of this innate difference that human beings cannot evolve in such a dangerous natural environment. So scientists believe that human beings do not belong to the earth. Perhaps human beings are aliens who have made mistakes. In order to punish human beings, they decided to banish human beings to the earth and let them face all kinds of fierce animals on the earth alone.

Man is on the earth


easy fall ill

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, if human beings really want to evolve step by step, they should be able to adapt to all kinds of extreme environments on the earth in such a long time, no longer afraid of viruses and bacteria on the earth, and they will not be so easy to get sick. This is what human beings should be able to adapt to all kinds of extreme environments on the earth in such a long time, but what human beings have shown It’s very uncomfortable. Like other animals on earth, they can come and go freely in nature, are not easy to get sick, and are not picky about eating. This may be the best proof that human beings do not belong to the earth!

It’s hard for aircraft to get out of the solar system

Everyone may find that in the past century, the level of human science and technology seems to have stagnated, especially in the field of space exploration. No matter how hard we try, it is difficult for human beings to leave the earth and realize star trek. Even with the most advanced scientific and technological tools, we can only barely get out of the solar system. And NASA also found that humans seem to have been trapped in the solar system, the universe’s solar system has a mysterious outer layer blocking us.

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