Human beings eat plants in the early stage of evolution. Why does eating meat promote evolution in the later stage? Or related to it!

In the long history of evolution, human has become the strongest creature in evolution, and gradually become the higher creature of the earth in the evolution of years. From hominids to Homo sapiens to humans today. Human evolution is long and arduous. At the beginning of evolution, our ancestors overcame crawling and gradually evolved into upright walking. In the human civilization unearthed by scientists, we can see the wisdom of life left by our ancestors. Recently, scientists have also put forward such an interesting argument that human beings were vegetarians at first, and later became carnivores, which promoted evolution.

At the beginning of human evolution, we could only feed on plants

Now most people think that the ancestors of human beings are ancient apes, which lived on wild fruits and leaves 80 million years ago. Even the humans that appeared 5 million years ago, scientists believe that they also feed on plants. Judging from many unearthed remains, their teeth are relatively developed. Therefore, scientists believe that this is caused by their frequent chewing of food. Moreover, in that underdeveloped era, human wisdom had not yet been fully developed. Taking plants as food could not only supplement energy, but also not worry about competing for food sources.

So why do humans begin to eat meat now? Scientists think it may be caused by climate change. We all know that the earth experienced mass extinction in its evolution. With the change of living environment, trees become more and more scarce, which means that our ancestors did not have a large number of food sources, so they had to eat animal carcasses to supplement energy. Scientists believe that it is precisely because our ancestors ate meat for a long time that they promoted the development and evolution of the brain.

Human eating high protein meat can promote brain development

In fact, many people still have doubts about this view. Since human beings have been evolving, eating meat at the beginning should not be able to adapt. Scientists have also given an answer to this argument. In the early days, when humans began to eat meat, they were not used to it. However, with the development of the brain and body, human body functions have changed and gradually evolved into a constitution that can eat meat.

For example, apolipoprotein in human body can make these indigestible meat absorbed by the body. Therefore, with the enhancement of human’s ability to adapt to the environment, they are gradually not limited to plants, but turn their eyes to the meat that can improve energy. Therefore, we can see that many historical materials have such a picture: human ancestors with self-made weapons to chase prey, which promotes evolution.

So it’s not human evolution that has changed eating habits. It’s eating habits that promote human evolution. In addition to human beings, all organisms in nature have gradually developed the best state suitable for the environment in the process of evolution. We are all survivors of nature. What do you think of this statement of scientists? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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